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Sep 6, 2006 05:00 PM

Las Vegas Good Coffee Espresso and Best Gelato?

Hi all

Next week, my boyfriend and I will be spending 6 days in Las Vegas staying at Mandalay Bay and the Venetian.

We are from San Francisco so I am spoiled to many coffee choices. Peet's is my regular. I like Martha Brothers and Blue Bottle.

Where are some good places for coffee and espresso drinks in LV?

Good places for gelato?

Thank you!!

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  1. You're in luck for gelato since you'll be in the Venetian. In the heart of the shopping area "St. Marks Square" is a really great gelato stand. Lots of flavors, and they have special little gelato spoons, shaped to give you the best taste experience (or so they say LOL).

    As for coffee, I usually don't drink it during the day, but you'll find all the regular large name purveryors around the area. However, I do have to say that for breakfast, Bouchon in the Venetian makes a great cafe au lait, let alone how great their breakfast is all around.

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      Just wanted to report back that we really enjoyed the gelato at the Venetian. I was disappointed that you couldn't mix two flavors in the small size (which seems common in other places). I had lemon which was zesty, and refreshing. Just icy enough and not granita. My boyfriend had the chocolate--- which was good enough. Not as dense, rich as I usually like but it was good.

      As for coffee, I had the coffee from the Bouchon cart in the Venetian twice and it was good. The coffee I had at the Bellagio buffet was also pretty good. We didn't fit in breakfast at Bouchon but hope to some day! Sounds great. I had a sandwich from the Bouchon cart and the flavors and moistness were perfectly balanced with the crusty baguette.

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        Glad to hear you enjoyed the gelato :-)

        I didn't even know Bouchon had a cart. Was it in the Square? That's good to know since each time we're there we stay at the Venetian and we always wind up spending way too much time shopping up there. It would be nice to be able to get a snack from Bouchon w/out having to go into the restaurant (it's our fav breakfast spot in LV).

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          I think there are different towers... but the Bouchon cart was on the Casino Level as we exited the elevators caddy corner from the Chocolate stand and by the Phantom store. There is a good selection-- a couple sandwiches and lots of pastries. I wonder if it's fairly new. It looks like it's really there for guests as it's not very visible from the casino.

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            Yep, that must be new - was not there when we last stayed there in April. Can't wait for out next visit!

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          I realized that I forgot to report on a very delicious sorbet find... we stopped at Sugar & Ice at the Wynn which is at the very beginning of the shops. I have a cherry vanilla cone but it was my boyfriend's mango sorbet that was memorable. Deeelish. The flavor was so intense and fresh. We both loved it and still remember it.

      2. The cafe at the Paris, Le Notre I think is the name, serves excellent coffee. I too love Peets coffee, I get it online. First place I ever had it was at Nobhill at the MGM Grand(Majopr Dickason's Blend)-an excellent restaurant.

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          Great! Thanks! Are there Peet's places on the strip. I looked on their website but it just indicates there is a location in LV.

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            I am not sure, but if you're at MGM, you can sit at the bar at Nobhill and sip Peets no problem, the bar is in the front of the restaurant, and they have the best cocktails I have ever had.

        2. Fusion-Ti Cafe located at 5115 Spring Mountain Road #115 (between P2K Hair Salon and Shuseki Japanese Restaurant) in Chinatown is a 24 hour cafe offering Ciao Bella gelato.

          I wrote in a different blog-type website about it once:

          "multi-colored in warm earth tones with poetry & words hand-stenciled on wood tables, just about the best ashtrays I've ever seen in red clear lucite and a beautifully designed enclosed low-to-the-ground Japanese design booth. The menu offers tea, coffee and amazing gelato from Ciao Bella which originated in NYC. Wi-fi internet access available, internet by the hour available (I think he said $3.00 an hour with a $25.00 per year membership?). My only complaint is that it's a little hard to find. Plenty of parking though."

          1. The ice cream shop at the Bellagio (across from the pool, with a "branch" at the Strip entrance next to the lake) has excellent gelato.

            1. For an interesting twist, and a visit to an old LV icon to boot, I would suggest a visit to Luv-It Frozen Custard, which is on Oakey, just east of Las Vegas Blvd. (a couple of blocks north of the Stratosphere). Also, my choice for the best ice cream in town is Lappert's, a branch of a Hawaii-based chain located inside the California Hotel-Casino (second floor).