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Sep 6, 2006 04:45 PM

Thoughts on Bistro 110?

Having lunch at Bistro 110 soon. Have not been there in quite some time...what's good?

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    1. re: malone

      Ouch! You cannot eat "the location!" Nothing worthwhile on the menu to order and eat?

      1. re: Jason Dumo

        sorry... maybe that was a little hateful.

        The bread (Red Hen) & roasted garlic is fabulous.
        The artichoke baked with brie is pretty nice.
        The creme brulee IS good.
        People go nuts for the Lamb Shank, though the table-side de-boning is a little tired.
        Everything else, I would say, is hit or miss. When hit, pretty good, when missed, super disappointing.

    2. The food is average, but from what I remember, the creme brulee is pretty good. It's best to order it with the berries.

      1. I used to love this place - esp. the veal medallions over angel hair pasta, which seem to have disappeared from the menu. But last time I went, I got cassoulet that looked (and tasted, I fear) like roadkill. The pates are still pretty awesome, though.

        1. I used to love to lunch there on a special roasted veggy plate they made, but I think Bistro 110 a cypher of what it used to be. Overpriced and just fair, not-so-interesting food. The roasted garlic was good when they were one of the first in town to do it.

          1. Bistro 110 is nice, but nothing to get worked up about. May I suggest Gibson's for lunch. The absoulte best cheeseburger.