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Sep 6, 2006 04:43 PM

ISO a romantic restaurant near Hollywood/WeHo

Although I've lived in So Cal my whole life, I don't go to Hollywood/WeHo that often except to go to a specific club or whatever on weekend nights. I live in the valley and don't really walk around Hollywood and shop/explore that much.

I'm taking my girlfriend on a "date" on Saturday. I want to explore and shop around Hollywood/WeHo. Besides Melrose Ave, where are the good places to walk around, shop, and grab a bite to eat during the afternoon?

Then I'm looking for recommendations for a nice romantic restaurant in the area. We love all types of cuisine. I would prefer to spend around $75 not including drinks. Something nice and comfy, not too trendy/crazy/loud.

Thanks a lot!

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  1. have you tried la brea? there are some nice shops and pretty good places to eat.

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      I would say Il Sole. Pretty romantic and you can get by for that amount if you stick to apps and pasta or just main courses. You can eat outside or in the wine room. A personal fav, where I'm headed soon! Far more romantic than angelin, although I love that place too. AOC is near the grove with excellent food and the prices are reasonable and they have a great wine menu!

    2. Perhaps you could stroll and shop at The Grove in the afternoon, then drive over to a nicer restaurant that evening. Nearby places that are warm and aren't too loud and moderately priced coming to mind include Mimosa (French), Ca'Brea (Italian), Pane e vino (Italian - request al fresco dining), Campanile (if you only order 2 entrees), Grace (again, ordering 2 entrees). Others will probably recommend more.

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        Speaking of The Grove, I had lunch a few weeks ago at the Whisper Lounge and it was really very good. They have Jazz music at night (now I can't vouch for whether the place turns into a mob scene or not) but at lunch it was deserted, and if it's not too insane (any of you hounds been there at night?), that could be very romantic. I also second the recommnedation for Pane e Vino...but I find the outside to be noisy and very trendy for the seen & be seen crowd...not particualry romantic. Inside is quieter, but it's a bit brite for a romantic dinner.

      2. I'm looking for more of the trendy boutique type clothes stores that are on Melrose or Robertson or 3rd.

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          You could drop by Al Gelato for, well, gelato. It's on Robertson.

          Or, go to happy hour at Chaya Brasserie, which is close to Robertson and the trendy shops.

          There is also Sprinkles cupcakes, gelato store, K Chocolatier, and Le Pain Quotidien on/near little Santa Monica, which is in the heart of BH, a shopping heaven.

        2. angelini osteria is fairly romantic and the food is pretty darn good. also, an appetizer and 2 entrees should fit in your budget. get the stinco. mmmm!