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Lincoln Center Area Restaurant?

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Need a good-value restaurant for supper after NY Philharomic Concert -- one that serves till 10 or 10:30.

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  1. Rosa Mexicano or Fiorellos.

    1. Not much to choose from in this neighborhood. There's always Cafe Luxembourg for reliable (if unremarkable) bistro fare, or Picholine, a bit more upscale but may be closed for renovations.

      1. cafe luxembourg is great.

        1. Shun Lee Cafe on W. 65th Street. it has the same kitchen as Shun Lee next door and all the food is excellent.

          1. Fiorello's - good and quick beforethe theater. You can choose your own assortment from the antipasto buffet. Somewaht noisy and hectic.

            O'Neals always reliable for plain good American food.

            Don't forget Compass. It has had a checkered past, up and down. Currently it is excellent, has a pre theater pix fixe dinner - plenty of room between tables so you can talk and an innovative chef at the moment. (70th St west of Bway).

            1. Big Nick's at 77th and Broadway is a very good value and is open 24 hours:


              I don't live in the neighborhood, so I haven't been there for a while, but when I've gone, my food has been downright good as well as inexpensive.