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Client Dinner - Downtown TO

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Need a rec for a client dinner next week. I have taken them to Susur, Canoe, Bymark and Jump in the past. Any other "must do" places we should visit?

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  1. Nectar. Highly recommend!

    1. I have to recommend Kultura Restaurant. This is a beautiful new restaurant on King E., just east of Jarvis on the south side. I would recommend that you call ahead as they are already high in demand especially since next week will be full of filmfest people.

      1. George or Chez Victor would also be good....

        1. Ki jumps to mind. Never been there myself (well, for cocktails, but never eaten), but I hear it too is as expensive and suit-y as the already been-to restaurants ;)

          1. if they're into horses (for wagering, not eating), turf lounge is nice

                1. Thuet, great Alsatian chef..60 day dry aged steak cannot be beat!

                  1. Mildred Pierce is great, but it's a bit far west...near Queen and Dovercourt I think.


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                      Mildred Pierce is a great restaurant. This would definitely be a top pick for me as well. The only downfall is that I have found the service to be a tad on the slow side. Otherwise, incredible.

                    2. PERIGEE!!! If not for the whole meal, then at least, they do a WONDERFUL dessert tasting menu, perfect for after dinner and drinks.

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                        I second perigee for a fun and amazing meal!

                        1. Based on where you've already taken them, I'd second Scaramouche - it really does turn out consistently excellent contemporary French/Continental cuisine, and they view is stunning (and somewhat surprising given it's location).

                          If you have time for the tasting menu I can guarantee an experience on par with Susur or Canoe.

                          George is good, but does have the 'wow' impact of your other choices and Scaramouche.

                          1. Interesting no one mentioned Splendido?! Their food and wine pairing tasting menu is amongst the tops.

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                            1. I hope that you'll let us know where you go, Moz, with full report.