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Sep 6, 2006 03:46 PM

King Fung Garden duck portions

I've read quite a bit about King Fung Garden's 3-course Peking duck (including that it must be ordered 24 hours in advance), and I'm looking forward to trying it. However, my dining companion's tastes tend away from duck. So, is the Peking duck too much food for one person to order?

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  1. Last time I went, I shared the duck with 4 people and we were very, very full. I think one duck would be a lot for one person.

    1. Second. It would make for a pretty rough meal to try to tackle on your own.

      1. Waaaaay too much for one person, but the duck itself actually reheats pretty well in a hot oven (although your pancake will dry out). I suggest finding at least one other duck eater for your party.

        On the other hand, the stir fry and soup are not excessively "ducky" so your friends might help you out after all. :-)

        1. Good advice. That was a close one.