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Red Bean Buns--Where to get?

Hi all,

I'm on the hunt for some Chinese red bean buns, the steamed kind. I know i can easily purchase some frozen ones from the local Asian market and steam them at home, but i'm looking for the freshly made kind. I work nearby Chinatown so you'd think I would know where to go but I don't! Any ideas?

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  1. Have you tried Wonder Bakery in Chinatown?

    1. Are these in rice flour buns or wheat buns? Are they roundish or flat like a disk?

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        I'm looking for the white flour, fluffy, round, steamed kind with the sweet red bean in the center.

      2. 99 Ranch always has them fresh - The one on Sepulveda and Victory anyway.

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          I like 99 Ranch's red bean buns, as well as their date paste buns with sliced almonds.

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            Also try their bread laced with red bean paste. Toast it and spread little butter OH YUM!

        2. Din Tai Fung makes 12 dim sum-sized ones!

          1. tangential i know, but my favorite red bean buns are the ones you get in little tokyo. those things ROCK.

            1. Jackt,

              where in Little Tokyo do you get the buns? I'm only a block or so away from there.

              1. sorry i don't know the name of the place and haven't been there for a little while (i don't go downtown much these days), but it's a little eatery, mostly counter seating if i remember correctly, and it's on the main part of that outdoor plaza, kind of across from the frying fish sushi place. they make the red bean cakes right in front of the front window, so you should be able to spot it.

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                  You're not talking about the Imagawayakis? The ones with the pancake like sandwich with red bean inside for $1? If so, I don't think they are the ones the OP was referring to.