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Sep 6, 2006 03:36 PM

Best Dallas Food Tip

I just thought I would start a post about this. Recently, I've come across some Dallas food tips. I thought I could share one and see what happens.

Snuffers: Now I know not everyone loves cheese fries like I do, but in my book, Snuffers heart attack in a basket cheese fries are an addiction. But, I'm not stupid. I see how fast they push these baskets of cheesy goodness out of the kitchen. I know they sit waiting out on the counter for a while to be quickly warmed up in the oven. BUT, I just found out that if you order their cheese fries but ask for chedder and swiss on the fries, they make them fresh for you. No counter waiting. And the cheese is freshly melted. Its nirvana.

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  1. Another Snuffers tip--ask for no salt on the burger. They overload them with salt.

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    1. re: cstrombe

      Another Snuffers tip - don't eat there! The cheese fries are grossly overrated and the burgers are awful. Some friends and I are in the process of doing a best hamburger in Dallas march madness type bracket and Snuffers was imo by far the worst of all the places we have tried.

      1. re: snatex

        I think "awful" is a bit unrealistic. Nothing wrong with Snuffers burgers (just ask for no salt). I don't do cheese fries, so can't comment. Other than Snuffers, I think Ball's is good. What else do you recommend? Where can we see your bracket?

        1. re: cstrombe

          I've never been thrilled with Snuffer's either, too much of an assembly line approach to making food and I feel like I need to take a shower after the one time I had the cheese fries.

        2. re: snatex

          "Another Snuffers tip - don't eat there" - HILARIOUS. (i happen to agree; to me, snuffer's isn't real food at all. i don't like Ball's, either.)

          has snatex tried Who's Who? just wondering

          1. re: teegee

            Actually, I don't do the burgers. I got one half cooked one time I went. I just can't help it with the cheese fries though.

            I did just have a good burger at Breadwinners, of all places. It had avocado and havarti on it. It was surprisingly tasty.

            1. re: teegee

              I went to Who's Who once, was terrible--dry burger. Unremarkable.

            2. re: snatex

              That's what I was thinking, but you beat me to it. Oh well.


          2. Simply Victoria,

            Great tip! If you have others, do share them.


            1. I have posted a link to the bracket below. The contestants were chosen based on their showings in similar competitions and their proximity to my office (Oaklawn area). Also "fancy" burgers (burger bar, stoneleigh p, etc.) and fast food burgers were excluded. Voting hasnt closed on the last 1st round matchup - Snuffers v Fuddruckers, but lets just say that the voting isnt very close right now. :)


              1. snatex,

                Couldn't access your bracket. But, I do hope you have The Loon in your "tourney." If not, give it a try.

                  1. re: snatex

                    snatex, I love it! The Brackets. But what makes the winner of each? Can you give us some hints as to why one restaurant was chosen over the other? Keep us posted and I have bookmarked your brackets so I can keep track of the winner. Good eating!

                    1. re: snatex

                      Snatex, I don't see Parigi on your list. Have you tried their burgers? TO DIE FOR, and at an Oak Lawn fixture, no less.