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4 days in boston, where would YOU go?

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hi all-
i'm coming in from philly and want to check out some *local* faves of yours, not tourist traps or other such nonsense. i'm traveling on something of a budget, but will probably splurge here and there... i plan on dining out for every meal, so breakfast-brunch-lunch-takeaway-indoor-outdoor-coffee-dinner-late night are all welcome. :) i'm staying at the 140 clarendon, have easy access to the subway system and will be in town thursday-sunday... any ideas? (an itinerary of meals would be fantastic, if you're so inclined!)

oh right, and one day (sun night-mon) in provincetown, thoughts?

thanks in advance!

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  1. Try Silvertone on Bromfield off the Public Garden/Downtown Crossing area...also head to the NOrth End to Rabia's...try the No Name Restaurant down on Fan Pier for seafood...Mike's Diner in the South End for breakfast...Parish Cafe on Boylston for lunch/snack

    1. Definitely check out Flour bakery in the South End for breakfast or lunch. Also Orinoco in the South End for great inexpensive Venezuelan food.

      1. Rachel's Kitchen in nearby Bay Village for breakfast, etc. http://www.rachelskitchenboston.com/

        1. This recent post has a LOT of great ideas for you.


          1. I have to disagee with the No Name recommendation. I find their food to be the KFC of seafood.

            Definitely go to the North End and try Maria's and/or Modern for pastry. North Street Grill for dinner (yummy lobster mac and cheese). Espresso at one of the cafes on Hanover Street.

            If you can make it to Inman Square, (take the T to Central Square and you can walk or take a bus), try the All Star Sandwich Bar which is new and getting great reviews. It is next to East Coast Grill, which IMHO has the best brunch in the area (bloody mary bar, fish tacos), and is owned by the same people.

            Enjoy. I'm sure others will weigh in with ideas and opinions.

            1. On the next street from your hotel is a nice cafe, Berkeley Perk (I think that's the name). Charlie's on Columbus for a big breakfast, try to go at an off time. Lots of south end places (Aquitaine, Union, Metropolitan, etc. which may start in on the splurge category) are a short walk away. The closest is Deluxe if you want divey with good food. Also Franklin on Shawmut and Davio's on Arlington. Look at prior Copley, Back Bay and south end posts, and that's not even getting on the subway.