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Best Sunday brunch in Philadelphia?

Who has the best Sunday brunch in Philadelphia? I've had the Morning Glory Diner (MoGlo) several times and, although I haven't been in about two or three years, it was definitely on a downward swing from the years previous to that. The White Dog I found to be just OK. Anyone got any recs, particularly interesting dishes/cuisines?

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  1. We just visited Philly this past weekend and had a really good brunch at Fork. We also went to Morning Glory and really liked that also.

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      I agree we go to Fork for brunch before heading to Sunday matinees at The Arden. Both the food and the atmosphere are very enjoyable!

    2. I really like Sabrina's for brunch. I used to go to Morning Glory a lot as well but they don't really make an effort anymore. Eggs ordered over easy come out watery, mangos are not ripe, and the servers don't seem to care.

      Salt & Pepper does brunch, I've never been there for it unfortunately but I've seen the menu, and having eaten dinner there I'd guess their brunch would be great.

      1. I enjoy Fitzwater & Honey's for brunch. Also, if ever venturing to the burbs, Classic Diner in Malvern is wonderful, only open until 3pm daily.

        1. Fork looks really good, I might try that. The MoGlo was a big disappointment last time I went, and I'm upset to hear that I'm not the only one...

          1. You might want to try Ansill. They are open for brunch -- I ate there for dinner and everything was excellent.

            1. We love Honey's Sit'n'Eat in Northern Liberties. Venture out of CC and you won't be disappointed! But go early.
              Sabrina's is pretty good too. Jones also good, fun, retro.
              And we agree about Morning Glory...not what it was.

              1. I love Mixto on 12th and Pine. I think they start serving around 10, pancakes and French Toast are great, eggs are good.
                Many juices to choose from and coffee is flavorful.

                1. I am a huge Jones fan. I do think the food is really tasty and it is a fun atmosphere. oh, and I guess it's still there, but I went to North Third once in Northern Liberties, the service was poor that Sunday, but the food was decent and the mimosa drink special was even better.

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                    I found Jones' brunch expensive and not very filling. I left hungry.

                  2. Ava is also open for brunch and I have to say that their Croque Madame could be the best brunch dish in the city hands down. Fitzwater Cafe is not too bad either.

                    1. We've only been to Morning Glory once and were really pleased. I had the breakfast pizza and my wife had a frittata along with a biscuit. We both loved the pizza, the biscuit was excellent, the frittata mostly good with a few over cooked parts. The coffee, while not great, was definitely better than most diners at home. Overall we left very happy and with a small check.

                      1. Here's another vote for Fork.

                        1. A deservedly huge line at Honey's, but no wait at all a few blocks away at A Full Plate Cafe, part of Liberties Walk (1009 N. Bodine St.). Excellent omelet, fried green tomatoes/poached eggs, breakfast pizzas, French toast. Everything's about $8-$9, including coffee or juice. And there's parking, too.

                          1. Bistro 7 may be one of the best-kept brunch secrets around--BYO bubbly or vodka for fresh-squeezed mimosas or screwdrivers. Delicious smoked salmon napoleon, omelet, and banana french toast. Do not miss the fresh beignets served with rich chocolate sauce.

                            1. Well - as the originator of this post, I just thought I'd mention that we ended up at Fork. We had initially meant to go to Sabrina's, but we ended up there for dinner on Saturday night. (It was very tasty, though nothing special.)

                              The brunch at Fork was really quite nice and not too pricey - I had the egg sandwich with swiss chard and sausage with an orzo salad, while my wife had the lox and bagel plate. While neither is going to win any award for creativity, both were of generous portions and were quite competently prepared. (I particularly enjoyed the fried capers served with the lox.) The cocktails were also quite nice, including the Fork 75 - a spin on the traditional French 75.

                              1. Day by Day on 21st and Sansom is hands down our favorite spot for Sunday brunch. It has a cozy diner feel and prices to match, yet the food is phenomenal. For the best fruit-filled French toast and salmon & bagel platter, definitely give this place a try. We used to go to the Marriott for their buffet, but felt the quality of their food just didn't justify the price tag.

                                1. I recently had a nice brunch at Astral Plane. The service was warm and friendly and the food was very tasty.

                                  1. so many votes for honey's... i find the brunch at north third about a zillion times tastier, plus the atmosphere is nicer, plus you don't have to wait in line and you're not rushed through your meal once seated. oh, and they take credit cards. and they have a good mimosa. i really highly recommend the french toast, and whatever the omelette special is. i've had: roasted tomato/fresh moz and lump crab/cream cheese/arugula. i think they make a really good omelette. and it comes with yummy ?rosemary? potato chunks on the side, not that you'll have much room for those!!

                                    a full plate keeps eluding me (err, i keep forgetting about it way up there, tucked away in liberties walk) so i'll have to make it over there if you say they make a good omelette. i'm a sucker for a well-done, creative omelette.

                                    1. Carmen's Country Kitchen at ~11th and Passyunk. The place is small so call ahead. They will hold a table for you but you must show up on time or they will give it to the next person waiting. Great coffee and 4 entrees to choose from, they change daily. Usually a pancake/waffle, fish or pork, and egg dish. Zagat rated. Excellent!

                                      1. Abbraccio in West Philadelphia puts out a good brunch spread. You can either order off their brunch menu (no real breakfasty items, salads and sandwiches and such) or do their brunch buffet which gets you:

                                        Coffee or tea
                                        Juice (I think they have tomato, grapefruit, pineapple or orange)
                                        Scrambled eggs with fruit salsa toppings
                                        Polenta with red sauce
                                        Oatmeal with maple nut topping
                                        Breakfast sausage
                                        Italian sausage
                                        Turkey bacon
                                        Pork bacon
                                        Home fries
                                        French toast
                                        Pasta salad
                                        Fresh fruit
                                        Made-to-order belgium waffles with fruit toppings
                                        Chipped beef on toast (occasionally)

                                        All for $10.95

                                        Kids are $6.95

                                        For an additional $3, you can add on a 3 egg omelet with 3 fillings or a lox and bagel platter. They also have bloody marys and mimosas for $5, or a bellini for $5.50.

                                        All in all, a good deal, and 5% of the price goes to a charity of their choice (it changes weekly--upcoming is the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation; I think today's was an elementary school).

                                        Oh, and most importantly the food is good. They replenish it often, so you don't have that "ewww, buffet" feel, and there's usually zero wait (though we get there early).

                                        It's served from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Sundays.