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Sep 6, 2006 03:06 PM

Best Sunday brunch in Philadelphia?

Who has the best Sunday brunch in Philadelphia? I've had the Morning Glory Diner (MoGlo) several times and, although I haven't been in about two or three years, it was definitely on a downward swing from the years previous to that. The White Dog I found to be just OK. Anyone got any recs, particularly interesting dishes/cuisines?

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  1. We just visited Philly this past weekend and had a really good brunch at Fork. We also went to Morning Glory and really liked that also.

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      I agree we go to Fork for brunch before heading to Sunday matinees at The Arden. Both the food and the atmosphere are very enjoyable!

    2. I really like Sabrina's for brunch. I used to go to Morning Glory a lot as well but they don't really make an effort anymore. Eggs ordered over easy come out watery, mangos are not ripe, and the servers don't seem to care.

      Salt & Pepper does brunch, I've never been there for it unfortunately but I've seen the menu, and having eaten dinner there I'd guess their brunch would be great.

      1. I enjoy Fitzwater & Honey's for brunch. Also, if ever venturing to the burbs, Classic Diner in Malvern is wonderful, only open until 3pm daily.

        1. Fork looks really good, I might try that. The MoGlo was a big disappointment last time I went, and I'm upset to hear that I'm not the only one...

          1. You might want to try Ansill. They are open for brunch -- I ate there for dinner and everything was excellent.