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Sep 6, 2006 02:46 PM

Need Recommendations for Romantic Dinner (pref outdoor)

I wanna romance my boyfriend
Do you know of any with a nice garden or rooftop?
Hopefully in brooklyn? but i'll take manhattan...

Thank you!!!

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  1. Lou Lou's (Ft. Green) and Bacchus (Atlantic Ave.) both have nice gardens and French food. The rooftop at Alma (Columbia St. neighborhood upscale Mexican) has wonderful views of the Statue of Liberty and the Harbor, but there is a history of complaints about the service and mixed feelings about their inauthentic food. Make sure you specify the rooftop area when you make your reservation.

    If you want to spend big bucks (and this event is sufficiently in the future to get a reservation), the River Café has good food, excellent drinks, very good service and a great view of lower Manhattan and the bridges, although it is indoors (on a tethered barge).

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        1. Hasaki in the eastern village is great. They have a patio in the back where it's really quiet. You don't get a gorgeous garden, but you do get some privacy. The japanese food is also pretty good. They serve red miso soup, which isn't standard (and in my opinion much better). Their sushi is decent (not super spectacular).

          They don't do reservations so get ready to wait for a bit. They're also finicky about the patio in the back. Sometimes they let you sit there, sometimes they don't.

          1. Rosewater has a nice patio. Applewood is pretty romantic.
            Alma is hit or miss, as has been noted, but the views are gorgeous. Good fork in Red Hook is great and might have opened the garden (it wasn't open when i was there a couple of months ago).