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Sep 6, 2006 12:31 PM

Family dinner in Hamilton

Doing a family dinner in Hamilton, 4 adults and 2 - 75ish parents. Parents want Tony Romas... anything better in Hamilton that the menu or prices won't give dad a heart attack?

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  1. Yes there are a lot of choices!

    - Persian/Mediterranean - La Luna (King St. W and Queen St.)
    - Chinese - Le Chinois
    - Pizza - The Attic (it's in Stoney Creek, but is closer to Tony Roma's)
    - Pizza/"family" Italian - Chicago Style Pizza Shack - good home made food, opens at 4pm daily

    Unfortunately Mediterraneo in Burlington burned down a week or two ago. Despite declining service levels, the food was still of good quality and quite creative...

    1. I'd suggest "It's All Greek To Me" in between Dundas and Ancaster on Main Road. Great food- something for everyone and it's not over the top expensive. Plus, it's fresh and very, very tasty! Their moussaka and lamb dishes are lovely!

      1. Thanks for you suggestions.. I am looking for more of a "traditional" restaurant as it is a birthday celebration so no pizza / chineese. They think Keg is too expensive but we want something not "too" casual...

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          The Black Forest Inn on King St. In Hamilton is an institution...15 types of schnitzel...not too expensive and pretty good. Might fit your need..certainly traditional.

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            it's been years since I have been there, but La Catina is a great place! 60 Walnut St. S

        2. My Hamilton in-laws have enjoyed the Black Forest Inn in the past, but it's been years since I was there. Recent experiences at La Cantina have been very good, so I would second that one ( ).

          With The Keg as your high water mark for price, I'm a bit stumped. Slainte pub downtown has pretty good pub food, but it's more pub than restaurant.

          1. Sotiris at 437 Plains Road East, Burlington is amazing! Good prices, great food and reliable service. It is always BUSY though so call ahead.

            1 Duke at 1 Duke St (corner of Duke and James St. S.) is also very good. They have a small menu, but with a good selection.