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Sep 6, 2006 12:19 PM

best panini sandwiches?

My boyfriend adores panini and we're looking for the best in Cambridge/Somerville (anywhere along the Red Line). Any ideas?

Thanks hounds! :)

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  1. I'm surprised no one's answered this but I can't think of that many places. I assume you mean grilled and pressed but panini is just a sandwich in some places. Mixed reviews on Pressed Sandwiches downtown on Oliver St. Domenic's in Waltham maybe?

    1. Chez Henri between Porter and Harvard Square serves a fabulous pressed cuban sandwich in their bar. Here's a link to a recent thread.

      Otherwise, I know there is a place on Mass Ave in Central Square (I think it's called Pressed Sandwiches also) but I've never been.

      I too love pressed sandwiches so please do report back on what you find!

      1. The Pressed Sandwich downtown is still opn, but the one in Central Square closed a few months ago.

        1. My favorites are actually from Caffe Fiorentino II in Brookline Village, tho I'm guessing the one in Coolidge Corner does a similar job...They do a mozz, basil and tomato on foccaccia that's superb. I'm sure you could request any combo of the Italian cold cuts they carry to be pressed on their lovely, salt-sprinkled foccacia.
          Not a huge variety, but a stellar version.

          edited to add; Didn't read caerfully enuff; I'm off the redline!

          1. Cafe Kiraz on Hampshire St. in Cambridge offers some really great pressed sandwiches. We use them a lot for catering at work and I'm addicted to a few of the sandwiches. Just had one last week - pressed - with cheese, tomato, proscuitto...can't remember what else. GREAT! I tend to steer clear of anything with portabello mushrooms on it (do I think it must be MEAT to be good?) but their sandwiches prepared with them are awesome.

            Not grilled, but they do a veggie sandwich with beets, greens, goat cheese, etc. on focaccia that is fab, too.