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Sep 6, 2006 10:31 AM

Wagamama coming to Harvard Square

The next City of Cambridge Board of Zoning Appeal (September 14) has a listing for a petition by George Wright "To open a Japanese fast food restaurant" at 57 JFK Street (the Galeria) in Harvard Square. The name of the restaurant is "Wagamama Boston One LLC".

Has anyone heard more about this?

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  1. George Wright was an owner of the The Foundation Lounge. I wonder if it is the same George Wright.

    1. Interesting- I've always kind of liked the concept and the food is pretty tasty....

      1. If this an offshoot of the British chain then I can't say I'm excited. It's fine in London, but that's because a) British Asian food (apart from Indian) is poor, b) London restaurants are so expensive that the price point is right. Big bowls of ramen are fine as a snack on the run, but pretty bland and eminently forgettable. From experience in London, I would rate at a cut below Le's/Pho Pasteur, and MUCH more expensive. But we'll see. The smoothies are very good.