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Sep 6, 2006 09:49 AM

Best thai bbq/fried chicken in NYC/Outer Boroughs?

Just got back from a chicken tasting tour in Thailand and I am looking for some great thai-style chicken (isaan preferred.).


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  1. I recommend you go to Zabb and try the BBQ chicken there - only Issan style restaurant in NY and very good.

    1. I tried the same thing when I got home from Issan with no luck. I've tried gai yang at Zabb, Sripraphai and Pam's Real Thai (the last two several years ago), and it was pretty poor at all of them (dry, tasteless). I've given up, and just make it myself when I have access to someone's grill on vacation (pretty simple to do, though still not quite the same).

      Please report on your tour over on Greater Asia board--we'd love to hear about it.

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      1. re: mary shaposhnik

        I will definitely give a write-up when I have a few minutes to write a full report... I'll post back here and let you all know when I do.

      2. This sounds so good does anyone have a recipe for Thai style BBQ Chicken.