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Sep 6, 2006 09:42 AM

Moon Cakes?

Any one know where to get the best version of these delicious treats?

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  1. not sure what a moon cake is but whole foods sells something called moon pies...hope that helps.

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      Nothing like moon pies -- it'a chinese dessert served in mid-Autumn festival (though some places make them year-round, definitely not as good). It's worth a try.

    2. You can go to any bakery in Chinatown and look for those colorful tins. Most of them are made with lard and there are actually vegan options but I'm not sure where to get those.

      1. Go to Golden Gate Bakery on Grant Ave. During moon cake season they have numerous types. The rest of the year they are famous for egg custard tarts, which really are quite good. They often have long lines.

        1. I usually wait until closer to mid-autumn festival to get it (August 15th on lunar calendar, believe it's 10/7 this year). As the date approaches they'll be more and more selection.
          Most bakeries in Chinatown sells them, and since most just distribute them it doesn't matter which place you buy it from.
          Also, most places sell the Cantonese style, made with heavier pastry and lard. I personally prefer the Taiwanese version, a lighter, puffy pastry with different fillings. I always get them from Yi Mei Fang (sp?) in Flushing.

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            I agree with the waiting til its closer to the festival. You can also wait for just after the festival its cheaper if you want to try out a whole bunch of the different brands and different fillings. Sometimes you can get the individual ones too. A box of 4 is way too many too eat. Like CSW I like the Wing Wah ones, my preference is the white lotus seed double egg ones.

          2. I buy Wing Wah mooncakes in chinese grocery stores. Its made in Hong Kong and thats when im out to impress someone close. For the novice, get the classic one made with Plain White Lotus and no salty egg yolk. Some of them comes with one to as many as 4. I personally like one-two in mine. The more egg yolks it contains, the pricier it gets. There are of course Red bean filling but thats not as good as the white lotus. Also please do not attempt to eat one by yourself! Its meant to share, hence the plastic knife it comes with. You can cut it in fours, but i do mine in eights. The ones with different fillings are great for young ones, but the older generations still prefer theirs the old fashioned classic style.