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Sep 6, 2006 08:38 AM

must go in florence

hi all, i'll be in florence for three days in florence and would need help as to where i must go. i notice there are lots of recommendations on tuscany but i'll only be in florence this time. thanks in advance for your help.

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    1. Taverna del Bronzino--exquisite meal, costly but worthwhile.

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      1. re: Tom M of Durham NC

        I could not agree more with the Taverna del Bronzino recommendation. We ate there nearly two years ago and remember it very fondly (and often). The food was astoundingly good and the service impeccable. On a long trip of wonderful meals, that was my favorite among favorites. Exquisite, indeed! Closed Sundays.

      2. I also had 3 days in Florence this summer, and what I learned is that you can not both seek out specific works of art and specific restaurants without driving your friends absolutely out of their minds. It was also maddening to take the awesome recommendations from Chowhound and trek across the city to find them closed. Over and over. So, relax. If you care enough about food to have found Chowhound, then most likely any place that looks good to you is going to be good. Its just as much fun to look at your “chowlist” back at the hotel and realize you found a recommended place on your own! Duck down a side street and look in the windows. Find something awesome nobody has mentioned and tell us about it.

        My only “must” as far as food is concerned in Florence, is the market. Go to (Nerbonne?)—the place in the far corner with the tables that has the roast beef sandwich. Follow the instructions in the archives—get there fairly early in Florentine lunchtime, get in line, pay, say “sandwich” - they know it in English (I overheard somebody else do that while I was mentally panicking), go to the other line, be Assertive (not like me) , meaning, don’t let anybody force their way in front of you, order five sandwiches and have them run out of beef. Say yes to anything he asks, then tell me it was great. I will live vicariously through you. I found the shopkeepers in the Market, especially in that area, to be really friendly. Even when I said “I’m not buying wine today” one girl—from Venezuela– gave me a lecture in how to buy Chianti, information I value. And look for those candied fruits Jen Kalb found. I kept looking and never saw them. Jen, I tried!

        My only other “must” is, don’t totally dis the places that kind of look like they might be, as my boyfriend said, the “Denney’s of Florence”. We had one of our best meals at “The Yellow Bar”. We only went there because they were the only place we found that was open after Sunday Mass. They were cutting thick creamy slabs of Gorgonzola, and we saw beautiful pizzas coming out of their brick oven, when everybody else was closed for Sunday lunch. (Of course, everything I had read said nobody makes brick oven pizza at lunch) We all, 4 people, liked our meals there. It was the only place on the whole trip where I wrote down the ingredients of a dish.

        And one minor rec I will give you is the candy shop behind the Baptistry which you will walk past from the train station. The Black Bar next to that was, as I went through the receipts, a frequent stop for a quick snack or a beer. The candy shop on that corner is awesome, pretty, and they were really nice too. Beware the wine shop on the N. side of the church/Baptistry. The truffles (single ones in tiny jars—backpacking you know) I bought there were way past their expiration date. I would buy truffles at the market and be comfortable.

        Have a wonderful time. We did have one delicious meal in Florence that was a Chow rec., I will post about it soon. A simple meal, bean soup with bread mashed up in it, but delicious.

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        1. re: Betty

          Betty, the place where I saw the candied fruits was in the San Ambrogio market, not the San Lorenzo market - and it was also at Christmas time. Maybe its a seasonal thing, too. Sorry you searched and didnt find!

          1. re: jen kalb

            Jen, I had a great time looking - I like having something specific to look for, it helps me avoid sensory overload.

        2. Il Latini is a must. Have your hotel make the reservation for you. They have 2 seatings every night. The food was unbelievable, the atomsphere is subperb and the price even better.

          1. yes il latini!!!! go also to caffe pitti! its right across the street from the pitti palace, and their menu specializes in truffles!!! its YUMMY!!!

            or go to the Oil Shoppe, its on Via San Edigio. its past the hospital almost to the end of the block. they have the BEST sandwiches ever!!! its like the italian AMAZING version of subway. you tell them what you want on the sandwich, AND ts onyl 3 Euros!!!! a MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think they close though at 3pm. if you get there right before 3pm you either get a free sandwich or its 50% off.....please try.