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Sep 6, 2006 06:41 AM

Your favorite filling, low cal foods?

Mine would have to be watermelon. I think I could eat watermelons for a couple days straight and not feel deprived. How many calories are in a whole watermelon, anyway? I know it's about 50 calories a cup.

What other filling, low calorie snacks do people enjoy? The kind of thing you eat to fill up when you're watching your weight (but don't want to be hungry all day long)?

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    1. Watermelon is mine as well, and I eat tons of it. I didn't realize it was so lo cal! Good thing or I'd be a blimp.

      Nori is another good guilt-free snack that I eat a lot. I buy it in sheets and cut them up into pieces. It's a little salty and has that initial crunch, which is satisfying. It's not the most filling thing ever, but you can mindlessly crunch away without feeling bad about it.

      One thing I've been eating lately as breakfast or snack is wholegrain rye bread with peanut butter. I only just discovered wholegrain rye, which is kind of nutty and a little sour. Ok, so it's not that lo-cal, but one slice with some peanut butter is very filling and not horribly guilt-inducing.

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        Watermelon is way up there on the glycemic index IF this is important to you, so that means that the sugar content is pretty high for a fruit. It's no doubt better than a candy bar but gobbling it up all day long may not be a "good thing."

      2. Any combination of fruity smoothies. To loosen the mixture, I add coconut water. Frozen watermelon chunks will give them a nice slushy texture and I've yet to add sweetner. I just about lived on them this summer.

        1. Spagehtti squash for me. I bake it in the oven, and add a tad of unsalted butter.