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Sep 6, 2006 06:05 AM

Good Brew Pubs - Austin?

Can anyone send me in the direction of a good brew pub in or around Austin? We'll be on the South Shores of Lake Travis as well, near Bee Cave. And maybe out to San Antonio. Please help. Thanks!

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  1. Here's a list of breweries and brewpubs with reviews in Austin:

    I would make an appointment to take a tour at Live Oak - good people, making good beer.

    And there's this place in San Antonio:

    1. There's not a lot in the way of brewpubs here. The Copper Tank closed. The Bitter End burned down. The owner of Lovejoy's threatened to close the place down after the smoking ban passed; as far as I know it is still open, but it was always more about the atmosphere than the beer.

      I'd recommend The Draught House -
      Pretty good beer. It's a small place, and the crowd frequently spills out into the parking lot on lawn chairs, so be forewarned.

      I like Live Oak. The guys at Independence Brewing also brew some of my favorite local beer, and they offer an occasional tour:

      And if you split the difference between SA and Austin and head out into the Hill Country (which is worth the trip, beer or not) there is the great Real Ale Brewing Co. - - in Blanco. You can get their Full Moon Pale Rye Ale in many stores and bars here, and it's worth a glass just to try something a little different (it's also plenty tasty!)

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      1. re: mkwng

        Go ahead to the Draught House. The crowd is so "interesting" and the house beers are so good. It's very casual. Busy at times but weekend late afternoons are for hanging out, drinking beer, talking and sometimes meeting other people's dogs.

        1. re: mkwng

          Oh, man, I gotta get over to Draught House. Wiezenbocks and dopplebocks!

        2. By brewpub are you meaning large draft selection or they make their own beer?

          for the former, I'd say Gingerman for widest selection and lots of nice nooks and a patio to smoke (I miss you Bitter End) and North x Northwest for making their own beer.

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          1. re: amysuehere

            Lovejoy's has pitchers of (draft) Chimay White Label for $24. That's just a few cents above retail if you do the math. Of course, with a high ABV beer like Chimay brace yourself for getting tossed.

            There are very few local brews that I like, but I'm really into Belgian styles and darker ales.

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              Hey Amy - technically I meant actual BrewPubs that make their own, but someone with lots on tap is good too. I work for a micro brewery up here in Canada and we make it down to Portland and Seattle for their brews, but I want to try what Texas has to offer.

              So, to answer your question - anywhere that sells local brews is good!