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Sep 6, 2006 05:57 AM

Craving a Great Seafood Cocktail/Campechana!

For U chowhounds who don't know what a Campechana is, it's a Mexican seafood cocktail with shrimp, some sort of whitefish or abalone, scallops, oysters, mussels, octopus, & sometimes baby squid, also diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, Clamato & Lime Juice.

For months I've been in search of a great Mexican Style Seafood restaurant. Now there's Veracruz sytle, Mazatlan/Sinaloa Style, Baja Style, Yucatan Style, all regional, all different.

Been to 7 Mares, Sucks. Pescado Mojado chain, sucks. Poco's in the Valley, Sucks. Colima's Ostioneria, Sucks. Pacifico's in Culver City, Unfortunately Americanized, Really Sucks!

In the great culinary vastness that is Los Angeles, there has got to be a place that is well rounded and knows how to make Mexican style seafood, and knows how to make a great Campechana or shrimp cocktail or a "Pescado ala Veracruzana" or a true "Huachinango" (Red Snapper) or Dorado. Those of you who have been fortunate to have had these great dishes "South of the Border" know exactly what I'm talking about and what I'm looking for! Please help! All suggestions welcome, just don't suggest the formentioned places above.
Thanks, looking forward to your replies. I don't mind driving but, going "South of the Border" for authentic, quality "Mexican Style" seafood is just too far.

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  1. I going to file this under "All sugestions welcome" because the place that immediately came to mind has been there for over 25 years, is "well known" for its Mexican seafood, and yet whenever I've gone there I stick to the tacos. So is their seafood good or will you file it under "sucks"?

    They have 6 Pacific Red Snapper entrees including "Pescado Veracruz" at:

    Casablanca (decorated ala the movie of the same name)
    220 Lincoln Blvd.
    (310) 392-5751

    Here is a Chowhound post on this place. Don't let the OP's headline discourage you, read the subposts, especially "Travel Path" who wrote:

    "pescado verecruzana as good as I have enjoyed in Mexico"

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      Haven't tried it. I just might have to. What about seafood/shrimp cocktails? Can anyone second JBC's suggestion for seafood @ Casablanca? Keep'em coming folks.

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        By reading those posts, you can see this a some love it and some hate it dive-ish spot. I forgot to add you can view their menu at:

    2. I'm not sure what the regional style is at Tacos Nazo on Garvey 1 block E. of Rosemead, BUT, their cocteles were going out the door like wildfire, so I tried one. It was loaded with just shrimp, a little pico de gallo, avocado cubes, in a slightly sweet, citrusy, sauce. It was perfect for 100 degree heat in the SGV.
      I wonder who else makes this style cocteles? La Playita maybe?

      1. I believe La Playita in Venice, on Lincoln, just north of Rose, has some campechana/cocteles options. Their ceviche is outstanding and their tacos are excellent, so I can only assume their campechanas/cocteles are good, as well.

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        1. re: glutton

          They have them and they are super popular -- pour in the Tapatio.

        2. LAS TRANCAS(Alantic N. of Slauson) in Maywood has one of the better Cocktails I've had in LA.

          Everything else is good also.

          Nothing beats sitting at a bar in San Felipe just as the Shrimp Boats come into Port with the Freshest White Shrimp, thats a Cocktail you'll never forget.

          1. Great, Keep'em (suggestions) coming folks!

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            1. re: Ollie

              Well the family that owns Mi Ranchito (Washington E. of Centinela) is from Veracruz and I've had really good chilpachole (and birria and cocicdo) there. I've not tried the snapper.

              Completely agree about Pacificos being close to horrible.

              The fish docks at Ensenada are only 3 hours away :)

              1. re: KayZee

                With fuel prices the way they are right now, that would be a very expensive Campechana!