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Sep 6, 2006 04:38 AM

New Bedford seafood

Looking for last minute recs for seafood in New Bedford. Looking for either a seafood shack type place, or a regular seafood place. Doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just great food.
A search revealed a Portuguese resto that switches to an all-seafood restaurant on Fridays. We'll be there tomorrow (Wednesday), but are there any other restaurants like this?


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  1. Sorry I'm late on this but...

    My personal favorite restaurant in New Bedford is a cash-only Portuguese place called Antonio's. It's on Cogshall Street which is parallel to I-195 and 1 block north of I-195. It's maybe 5 blocks from the Cogshall Street Bridge to Fairhaven. My favorite dish there is called pork ribatajana. It's a pork shoulder stock base with cubes of cooked to death tender pork, shrimp, and littlenecks. Tons of paprika and some garlic. It's topped with cubes of fried potatoes... square french fries, if you will. It's served in an abused old aluminum pot. I can usually eat about 1/3 of it and make a good 3 meals out of the leftovers. They also have seafood there though I never get it. Prices are inexpensive.

    Davy's Locker has been there forever and is the landmark seafood place. You'll get good food at reasonable prices but it's hardly haute cuisine.

    1. Antonio's is my families favorite place too. We've been going there for 15 years.

      We get the fish cakes ($0.75) and the shrimp croquettes to start. They have lots of seafood - they own their own fishing fleet if I'm not mistaken. They give you HUGE portions and the price is great. Great family place. Not fancy. Bar is good to watch sports (or at least was, until the Red Sox feel apart).

      1. The restaurant that changes over to a complete fish menu on Friday, is the M&C on Bellville Ave. It's around the corner from Antonio's. Actually, every Portugese restaurant in the NB area, will have many fish selections, or whiteboard specials, on Fridays. Most will keep their regular menus selection available though, in addition to the fish specials. Considering that the Portugese fishing fleet is docked right there, you can never be wrong, ordering fish in New Bedford, no matter what day it is.

        Unfortunately, the popularity and name recognition of Antonio's, has caused many new chowhounds to the area, to overlook some truly great restaurants in the very same community. The M&C, previously mentioned, along with the Churascaria Aveirenese, and the Bom Appetito, are all located on Bellville Ave. The Cafe Funchal, amd Mimo's are located on Acushnet Ave. They are, in my opinion, all worthy of a visit, being as good, or perhaps, even better than Antonio's.

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          I would second Luis' opinions that a lot of South Coast Portuguese gems are overlooked in favor of Antonio's. I do recommend Antonio's from time to time because of the easy access to the highway (some people get nervous finding their way around New Bedford). I also do like the "riba" which is their spin on carne a alentejana, with additional seafood. However, for a Friday night you will be waiting in line with many other excellent options nearby, especially for seafood. And if you are going this weekend, look for Louis' other mention of the Acushnet Peach Festival.

        2. A step up from a seafood shack, but serving the freshest no frills (paper plates and formica tables) seafood at the lowest prices is Turks just down Rt. 6 in Mattapoisett.