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Sep 6, 2006 03:47 AM


Nesselrode is a very lovely dessert of candied fruits, chestnuts and wine or rum, which was served with custard or in a pie or tart, and I think it was sold once in jars. It seems almost entirely forgotten now. I have very dim and fond memories of nesselrode over ice cream when I was much younger in New York (30+ years ago). I had forgotten it completely except for a sensation of the taste, and with the help of a friend was able to at least identify it again, although I have only located recipes in cookbooks and on line. I am not sure if anyone is producing it for sale anymore, much less serving it.

Has anyone seen or heard of it in the LA / OC area?

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  1. russian nesselrode is an ice cream flavor at Mc Connel's, maybe worth a try, though i haven't personally tried it. yet.

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      I don't know McConnel's. What / where is it?
      Thanks ever so.

    2. I think Musso and Frank's has a nesselrode pudding, but check with them - not sure.