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Sep 6, 2006 03:35 AM

Bibimbap Toppings

I am interested to hear any variations of toppings you have had on your bibimbap. The one I am planning to make on Thursday will have bean sprouts, spinach, daikon and carrot namasu, shitake, and marinated beef.

For garnish I bought some pine nuts and shiso (is that traditional?) as well as some nori.

I recall a post where someone had put the acorn jelly on too-- Which I have a container of. ANy idea on how it is prepared?


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  1. since the acorn muk gets mixed up and broken with everything else, i would just cut it in thin strips and mix it with a drop of sesame oil before laying it on top of the rice. one of my favorite toppings for bibimbap is kosari, or fernbracken. yum.

    1. Raw egg and shredded cucumber or zucchini?

      1. Isn't shiso a Japanese, not Korean, topping? I've never seen pine nuts on it, but have seem shredded nori.

        I second a raw egg and shredded cucumber or zucchini, there is always a nice crunch from either, plus the green color is really beautiful.

        1. Raw egg, cucumber, spinach, nori, meat and hot sauce/paste.

          Shiso seems too overpowering. I only eat it in sushi with ume paste. I never heard of using pine nuts either. Sounds interesting though.

          1. lily fern, burddock root, carrots, peppers, wood ears. Have to have color in your toppings. Oh and egg of course.