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Sushi in Boca

I'm from Montreal where some of the best sushi in North America can be found. I spend a good part of the winter in South Florida, most of the time in Boca. I'm looking for a great sushi place in the area and please don't tell me Sushi Ray because I'm not impressed by it.

i'd appreciate any local knowledge.


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  1. Hi--

    We always go to Kyojin on Powerline Rd between Glades and Palmetto Pk rd- in the Ross shopping center.

    It is an ALL YOU CAN EAT sushi-they also have sashimi- tempura-tons of terrific different rolls..

    It is always crowded and the food turns over super fast and it is super fresh...

    It is not a typical sushi bar where you sit down at the bar and the guy cuts it in front of you- it is buffet line-but don't let that fool you- it is TERRIFIC.....

    Most of the other sushi places down here are just so so-- we go to one in DC and this is JUST as good and way way cheaper.

    1. I'm from MTL and live in Boca. You won't like Kyojin. It's good for buffet, but not real good quality that you would expect in a good sushi restaurant. Go to Bluefin on yamato and congress or you can check out japango on hillsboro and 441. Sushi yama on palmetto and jog is also pretty good. Nowhere that can compare to mikado or katsura though!

      1. chowguy is right about Kyojin, most everyone on this board loves them but their quality is uneven and at best it's "good for the price." Bluefin is very good but is very crowded in season. I would also recommend Daimatsu Sushi in the Royal Palm Plaza. Very good, very fresh, and a nice selection of sake. They also have restaurants in Tokoyo and NYC.

        Good luck.

        1. Sushi Yama is pretty good and has decent prices. It's at the intersection of Powerline and Palmetto. They have the intimate booths that are closed off with a curtain. With rolls starting at $3.50, you think the peices of fish would be very small. But here, the peices of fish are larger than most and the service is good.

          I agree with rickL that Bluefin is excellent.

          My favorite in the county is Sushi Jo in Boynton Beach. The very best around, a little pricier but worth it. They're on Ocean Ave east of Federal Highway in Boynton.

          1. I agree with Bluefin - I was quite impressed.

            I live in Toronto, but my folks live in s. florida, and we've gone to bluefin a couple of times with them, the last time being a few weeks ago. My wife had the special sashimi platter (I don't recall the name - I think it's the one described as chef's choice). It was the nicest sashimi platter I've ever seen -not that I've been to THAT many sushi places :) - but it was beautifully presented, in a huge basket with sushi on ice artfully displayed. As well as a nice selection of the usual raw fish, it had I think 4 or 5 little bowls, each with a different kind of fish in it's own unique marinade. I believe one was seared rare tuna, and the others were raw fish. Anyway, it was VERY tasty.

            Also, for the portions you get, the prices are quite reasonable. No wonder they get lined up like crazy.

            I guess it's my favorite place in that area of Florida, although perhaps that's because I'm comparing it to the meals I had at Cheesecake Factory, Maggiano's, and Carrabba's (which I now call "Crappa's")

            BTW, is all the Thai food in s.florida really bad? I've been to two thai places, in Boynton/Delray area, and honestly, it was some of the worst Thai food I've ever tried! (and both were clearly very busy, popular places) Maybe I'm spoiled -we have a HUGE selection of all kinds of Asian food here in Toronto, so we can easily find great places for Thai, Vietamese, chinese dim sum, korean, etc

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              Great Thai in FL, BTW...Siam Orchid in Vero Beach. They have great sushi and great service, too. Boca has Phuket Thai, right across Palmetto Park from Kensai, next to the Party Superstore.

            2. Sushi Yama is great like they all said. I agree Kyojin is fun but the sushi is not good. However, the hibachi is great. especially on weekends when they have ribs.

              Japango is overpriced. good but really expensive. Service is pretty bad though.

              1. Kansai, also on Powerline and Palmetto (NW corner), has great sushi rolls and more cooked stuff. We LOVE the Chicago Bulls roll. It must be tried to be believed!

                1. Kensai has better sushi than Sushi Yama, that's unfortunate. The staff at Kensai, led by a cocky Sushi Natzi is hard to take sometimes. Especially if you are getting take out. The guy is downright RUDE!! They take forever with take out, too. The good service at Sushi Yama makes for a better choice if you don't want to walk away feeling like someone yelled, "NO SUSHI FOR YOU!!!".

                  1. Hands down, my favorite is Sushi Ray: http://www.sushiray.com/

                    1. My wife and I came across Kyojin Buffet a little over 7 months ago. We found it to be a clean and friendly restaurant. We eat here atleast once a week. I can't tell you how many people we have brought here in the last few months.
                      My family came down to Florida for the holidays. My son-in-law loves sushi. I figured I would impress him. We pack everyone into 2 cars and go to the restaurant. We give our name and number of people and the girl tells us there is one other large party in front and only a few minutes. We wait and we wait and we wait some more. People are coming in -in parties of 4 and 5 and getting seated. We say nothing. After about an hour or so, a party of 6 come in and were seated immediately at this time both the other large party ahead of us said "Hey, you just gave away our table. They were a little rude to customers but it was none of our business. At around 2:20, after being told that the restaurant closes at 2:30 my son-in-law asked if we are going to be seated and the hostess turns to him and says
                      "Chill! okay!". We had not asked about being seated before this but at this point, I decided that I WILL NEVER SET FOOT INTO THIS RESTAURANT AGAIN. I AM THE CUSTOMER AND I DO NOT NEED AN EMPLOYEE THAT I AM GOING TO PAY TO INSULT ME OR MY FAMILY.

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                        My vote is for Sushi Yama and Bluefin. The best hibachi is Sushi Ray. I find Kyojin to be overrated, but it's much better than most buffet places.

                      2. I realize this is an older thread, but I went to Bluefin as a result of reading it, so here I am. Bluefin is a great find so thanks you guys for the recommendations and I add my vote to yours! We had salmon sashimi, which came sliced very thinly, as thinly as smoked salmon, and was top-notch buttery, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. The spicy tuna handroll featured beautifully fresh tuna which sang, though it was less spicy than it could have been. The Key West roll was fantastic with each flavour melding so well together, a real delight. We shared a fried noodle dish, the yakisoba, and there was where the restaurant failed to deliver. It was pretty much tasteless, a bit of a mess and should be avoided. We did not try any of their Thai dishes, and I suspect they are probably not worth the bother either. To sum up, this is a great find, if you stick to what they do best, the sushi and sashimi, and stay away from the other offerings. I will definitely be returning.

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                          The most authentic sushi I have had is Daimatsu in Boca. If you want Japanese style sushi go there. I wouldn't recommend this for people who want to eat American style sushi. They only use fresh fish, sushi rice prepared the right way, and the sushi is balanced with wasabi in it. The owner of the restaurant is from Japan and his parents still have a restaurant there. This is the place to go not just in Boca, but all of South Florida.

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                            I agree. Daimatsu is one of our favorites. The "we do not serve cream cheese" sign on the window says it all.

                            1. re: Mat Josher

                              I agree! Just came back from a nice 2 hour lunch at Daimatsu and boy it was the best sushi I've ever had in FL. Authentic ingredients, top-quality fish and a really knowledgeable owner made for a fantastic lunch. We sat at the bar and ate a great selection of maki, sushi and even some not-so-usual things (burdock root, shiso for example).

                              This is a great establishment and I highly recommend that you go there and try it out.

                              Daimatsu Sushi
                              271 Via Rosada, Boca Raton, FL 33432