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Sep 6, 2006 02:26 AM

Shine, Kendall Sq.

Anyone know anything about this place (across the way from the Blue Room)? Walked in there today while I was killing some time before the Sox game tonight. Dark furnishings backlit with cheesy lights. Perused the menu - best described as "New American?"

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  1. I wanted to post about this last week... but could not remember the name. I went in before meeting some friends on the Cambridge Brewing Company patio. at 7:30 on a Friday it was empty. It appeared they were going for the nightclub thing.

    1. Where, exactly, is this space? Tommy Doyle's? Or across the courtyard in the same complex as
      Pompanousec Mills?

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        I'm guessing this is the former Sammy's Deli (a not-terrible MA stab at Jewish deli, though their outdoor grilled stuff was pretty bad). I believe this later became some really awful pseudo-deli called Zots or something. It's a basement-level indoor space and a fair amount of ground-level patio space.

      2. Shine has an outdoor cafe and downstairs a restaurant on the same side, but far end of Pompanousec Mills. They describe the food as sensual cuisine and I believe just this week have opened up their restaurant in the evening for dinner.

        I have only had take away from the outdoor cafe, but so far it has been fantastic.

        1. I have gotten take out lunch from them twice. The first was the taco sampler (fish,cubano pork, lime chicken, roast vegetables, and steak) All the tacos were really good. They were served with the lettuce and tomato sort of on the side which I thought was a little annoying to put together, but it made for a nice presentation.

          I just had a the roast chicken and bacon panini. This was also very good. The high point was not so much the sandwich as much as the homemade potato chips.

          1. What are the prices like here at lunch? And does anyone have a website link?

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                Oooh, you can play "find the aphrodisiac"