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anyone tried the big pig gig at daisy may's yet?

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anyone tried the big pig gig at daisy may's yet? where you get the whole pig and chow down with friends? would love to hear your experience.

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  1. I was hoping for a reply to this. Friends and I are working on a date to try it sometime late this month. Anyone?

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      i had a half pig delivered to my rooftop for a birthday party.

      it was fantastic.

      absolutely incredible.

      my only regret was that people had too much to drink and were feeling lazy about packing up leftovers. i wish i had been able to gnaw on the bones the next day.

    2. I'm on for the half pig on September 23rd. Have about 8, should be the right number of people. I'm bringing a big bag for bones/head to make soup stock, and eventually congee. Wanted to go for the whole pig, but a lot of my friends are picky about the pork on Rosh Hashanah thing. I'll post with pictures soon afterwards.

      1. Can't wait for the "field review " of D M . The chef is all over food magazines. He is classically trained. ..have done 300 mile detours for BBQ .. Like Interstate in Memphis..

        1. Here is Andrea Strong's review of her Big Pig Gig from her website, the Strong Buzz:


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            Wow, great article, I am so freaking psyched to check this out!!!

            1. How many people do you recommend gathering together to eat that?

              1. It's pretty good. But very greasy. You will need the gloves they give you, and will still have lots of leftovers. Do NOT overload yourself on the sides or apps. Wait for the pig!!!

                1. I was there last week with 12 others for the full pig and we had more than enough to eat. The sides are enormous and v. tasty too. Remember to bring your own drinks and bottle openers because they don't have a liquor license and therefore do not provide bottle openers/cups/ice as well.


                  1. I'm going tonight. Half pig and the whole shoulder. 12-14 people. Wish us luck!

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                      Please report... I'm planning on doing this within the next month...

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                        Please report... I'm planning on doing this within the next month...

                      2. Hey Andrew P.,

                        I'm going next week. Any problems getting 14-15 people around the picnic tables. Was it full? Did you put some seats on the end?

                        1. I think there are three long tables in the back. We didn't have any trouble getting about 13-14 people into one long table, which was the amount of space reserved for us. When we went, there was an empty table the whole time, on which we put all our side dishes.

                          As for the meal itself - we had half a pig and two whole shoulders (fun butchery fact I learned: the shoulder is also called the butt). Now, the half pig definitely wins on presentation, and if you know a bit about where the good meat is (try the long, tube shaped tenderloin going along the pig's back, and the cheeks) it can be really good. However, the whole shoulders served separately were the really delicious part. It's essentially pulled pork, but not all-the-way pulled yet, with their mustardy BBQ sauce for dipping and dredging.

                          People seemed to like the sides, though there was a consensus that the creamed spinach was too pureed (some likened it to baby food). Still, we had so much of all the side dishes left over that lots of people tooks some home. I confess I focused all my attention on the pork, and didn't have a bite of side dish (except the texas toast, which was tasty but should have been hotter when it came out). I wish I had had some cole slaw, but it didn't work out that way.

                          Remember to bring a bottle opener if you have beer and wine. And definitely put on the aprons and gloves provided. 2 pairs of gloves worked great for me.

                          We each paid about $40 total (not including BYOB drinks). The pig had the lead role, but the butt/shoulder stole the show. Good idea for a birthday party.

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                            I'm thinking of doing this for my husband's birthday. What's the atmosphere like? I don't need fancy, but I want it to be comfortable. I imagine they let you sit for a while?

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                              It's brightly-lit and not very atmospheric. I recall wood paneling, two TVs, and a photo of someone on a boat with an enormous fish. That's about it. Everyone's wearing a plastic apron and two pairs of surgical gloves (if they're smart). I don't remember any real plates or silverware. And yes, I believe the table is yours for the night, as they only have one seating.

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                                Lots of press on the walls and definitely paper and plastic. We were there for 2-3 hours and no one was rushing us out.

                          2. I'd like to do this for my boyfriend's 30th Birthday because I know he and his friends would love it. How far in advance can you book the place? If anyone has done this for a birthday, do you know if they let you bring a birthday cake? Any insights would be appreciated.