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Sep 6, 2006 02:16 AM

Good Selection of Wine from Small Producers

Anybody know of a good liquor store in the area that maintains a good selection of wine from smaller producers at reasonable prices?

Marty's in Newton seems to have one of the best selections, but their prices are a good deal higher than most liquor stores in the area. But, I guess I am paying for the service.

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  1. Wine Bottega on Hanover has stuff I've never seen elsewhere and they have a really enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff.

    Violette Importers in Watertown has a small but quality selection of wines from small producers with emphasis on organic/biodynamic producers.

    1. I immediately thought of the Wine Bottega in the North End too - one of my favorite wine stores.

      1. It's a small selection, but I've liked everything I've found at Formaggio Kitchen -- both stores have a well-selected bunch of bottles, entirely from small producers. Most of it is pricey -- mostly $15 and up (some WAY up) but they also have some good deals -- they had a liter bottle of biodynamic Austrian gruner veltliner for 10-11 bucks that I thought was great, and I've found other similar deals there.

        Also sort of boutique-y but very good is Lower Falls Wine Company in Newton. Again, lots of pricey bottles, but they also have a pretty good selection of $10 and under that I've had good luck with. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff as well.

        1. Wine Gallery on Rt. 9W in Brookline has a nice selection & also a wonderful selection of boutique/hard to find beers - good prices all around, helpful owner.

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            I really like the Wine Gallery mainly due to their selection and their wine tasting dispensing machines, but I do find their prices a bit higher than most other places.

            I think that my favorite wine shop is Solera in Roslindale. They have a great/small selection at very good prices and the owners are really nice and offer great recommendations.

          2. I like the Wine Bottega too but I still prefer the Wine and cheese cask in Somerville. Very interesting selections which they choose carefully at good prices.