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Sep 6, 2006 01:36 AM

Farmhouse Inn, Gen's Daughter, Girl and Fig, Cyrus, John Ash, Ravenous: which 3?

I have been given these 6 as the best spots in sonoma county...thoughts as to which are best? Looking for fabulous food and great ambience.

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  1. Hello, Ljero,

    You've got a few posts here. Why not use Chowhound as the resource it is?

    Enter each of those restaurants as search terms and read the reviews here. There are many recent comments.

    You can also enter the terms "Sonoma restaurants."

    The info you need is already right here. Enjoy your meal...

    1. i will steer you away from ravenous. i ate there with two girlfriends this past december and it was okay. but the worst part about it was that we ordered chicken and a burger to split (which i think they were annoyed with) and when they served it the burger was great...but the chicken was raw under the skin. when i asked the waitress about it she said, " that's the way we cook it here." i asked her to take it back and cook it "well". after that it was fine. the food is unexciting, but the bar and the music can be great.

      1. Here's a link to your earlier post asking for 3 dinner spots -

        1. Girl and the Fig is the only place I've tried on your list. It has a nice patio for light snacks and wine but I wasn't overly impressed with the food. We had the burger with frites, the charcuterie plate and a seasonal salad (I think it was white beans). Except for the frites which was great, I thought everything tasted just above average. It has a good cheese selection from what I can recall.

          1. If you want a very swanky, special experience, DO NOT MISS Cyrus in Healdsburg, and make reservations as soon as possible.