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Sep 6, 2006 01:02 AM

Dongiò in Milano - Amazing pasta

Just got back from a whirlwind trip through Rome, Florence, and Milan.

No time and too jetlagged for a detailed report right now, but I can't not mention this restaurant:

Via B. Corio, 3, Milan, 20135 Italy

Small, intimate place in the Porta Romano area of Milan, on a quiet street - very reasonably priced, and entirely non-touristy, no English menu etc.

Calabrian cuisine - very hearty and spicy.

And...absolutely the best homemade pasta I've ever had anywhere. Both the pasta and the sauces. I had a bucatini w/ sardines, fenel, tomatoes and bright green bay leaves. My wife had linguini with tomato sauce made from cherry tomatoes, anchovies, and fresh oregano. A friend had a pasta with " 'nduja'" a kind of Calabrian sausage specialty. All of the sauces were very finely pureed - no chunks - and intensly flavorful. We all remarked how interesting it was that they all looked more or less the same, but tasted entirely different. Explosive with flavor and textures. These pastas were betw. 6-9 euros a plate.

We also had many fine antipasti, and a couple of us had secondos. I had a very simple plate w/ burrata (a mozzarella like cheese that just melts all over the place when you cut into it) with arrugula and greens - it was divine.

But the pasta is THE thing here. I just don't see how there's better pasta anywhere.

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  1. I wonder if anyone ever took my tip on this place. Two years later I can't get that pasta out of my mind!

    1. Not a single person who tried this great suggestion?

      1. I did it!!

        It was great!! Thanks for the recommendation!

        My fiance and I were staying in Milan for one night on our way home from a skiing trip in Livigno and I Googled "best pasta in Milan" and found what you had written. We rocked up quite early, the place was fully booked for the evening, but they let us have a table as long as we were out by 9pm, which was fine with us!

        The pasta was great, the wine was great, the olive oil was great . . . . super recommendation thanks!

        PS They do have an english menu now and it seems to be quite popular on some restaurant guides online, so it's not quite a hidden gem anymore, but still authentic!! Whilst we were there we did not see or hear any other tourists, mainly large tables filled with Italian families!

        Thanks again for the recommendation, it made our short stay in Milan a little more interesting!

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          Cool - I'm so glad you found my review, and that I have now found your response!!

        2. I found this tip and used it about 3 years ago! Loved it! Thanks!