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Sep 6, 2006 12:41 AM

Gelato Bar

I had lunch today at Caiotti Pizza Cafe on Tujunga (yum, salsiccia pizza), and saw the new gelateria next door. Actually, a friend who works in the area had alerted me, also that the owner who she knows is someone who travels to Italy a lot and so wanted to replicate a great gelateria here in LA.

It's a quite cute place, looks an old Italian cafe even if it has only been open one week. For gelato, I saw, classics: hazelnut, gianduja, a kind of deadly combo of both, fragola, lampone, cafe, pistacchio, cocco, stracciatella; and some not so classic, like pomegranate and blood orange and more. There were about 20 - 25 flavors? I ate: hazelnut mixed with coffee. Nocciola is basically my litmus test for gelato (i.e., it's my favorite). Not cheap: 5.50. But DELICIOUS. I can't compare to the other gelaterias that have been opening in LA lately, like Pazzo or the one in Pasadena that JG featured recently, but definitely better than Massimo's and definitely felt like I was in Italy in my mouth.

I noticed they were promoting Nancy Silverton's LaBrea bakery cookbook. Then I took the business card: owner is Gail Silverton.

This place seems really great. Gelato Bar, 4342 1/2 Tujunga Avenue, Studio City. It's like they are building a Little Italy strip over there!

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  1. I have to agree! This place is the best looking overall AND not only is the gelato amazing (I lived in Florence so I am a bit spoiled!)but the espresso makes me feel like I am sitting in one of my beautiful piazza's enjoying my life. Thank you Gelato Bar people!

    1. Hmmm...I'll have to go...nocciola e caffe is my fave combo!

      1. I was wondering if anyone was going to respond to this post, or if anyone else was going to this new place. Definitely people try it out--I'm interested in how people think it compares to Pazzo et. al. I thought it was Italy good, which is ... GOOD. Pazzo is next on my list though.

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          We tried it last night. I got stracciatella and amaretto. Husband got chocolate and one that had a mix of chocolate and (he thinks) vanilla with some praline mixed in, or something like that, sorry to be vague, I wasn't feeling the best last night. It was in the front of the case at the far right as you face the case. Good texture, nice flavors, would return but the place needs some A/C! It was steaming hot inside. A very different experience than Pazzo because the flavors at Pazzo are so unique and also they keep handing you samples. Gelato Bar limits you to three tastes. Next on our to-do gelato list is Scoops.

        2. george...

          pazzo is very good, however, even one of the owners admits. it's "americanized" gelato. the texture is not gelato. it's ice cream. and very, very good ice cream. it's addictive.

          but just know, it's called pazzo gelato, but expect really good ice cream...and espresso.

          1. Glad it finally opened - seemed to lurk there forever and I was worried there was an issue...