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Sep 6, 2006 12:08 AM

ISO Restaurant for TONIGHT walking distance from Olympic and Elm in BH

Any suggestions? Elm is between Beverly and Doheny. No strong preference on cuisine, just wondering what I can walk to that's good. Thanks.

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  1. The closest would be Blue On Blue in the Hotel Avalon, 9400 Olympic. The food is good (not great) but a tad pricey; however, the dining area encircles the pool so can be fun. Alternatively, you could walk a little further to Beverly, turn North and have all sorts of options (the better ones being further up, Frida, Mako, Piccolo Paradiso and Ruth's Chris; there are also a number of lower-cost options such as Chin Chin, CPK, Islands and Rosti on that block).

    1. Several options if you will walk up to Olympic at Beverly Drive and on the east side of the street GOING NORTH:

      Island Burgers - part of a chain

      Sushi-Sushi (good quality fish - try the chefs tasting menu)

      Urth Cafe on the west side of the street - good salads, sandwiches - YUMMY DESSERTS)

      koo-koo-roo - chain chicken place back to the east side of the street

      Mulberry Pizza
      Frida's - Mexican Fusion
      Ruth Chris - chain steak place - upscale $ with full bar
      Chin-Chin - chain chinese place

      WEST SIDE OF THE STREET - across the street from Ruth Chris is one of the better dining options... MAKO 225 SOUTH BEVERLY
      310-288-8338. Award winning Asian Fusion from a former Wolfgang Puck protoge.

      1. Is it too late? Head straight up Doheny to Wilshre. Kate Mantilini's is right on the corner. A range of non-frou-frou California Cuisine. Never had anything bad there. It's maybe a 10 minute walk.

        1. i'm sure this is too late but i like the thai place in the mini mall right down the street from where you are on olympic. can't remember the name. it's on the corner.

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