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Sep 6, 2006 12:08 AM

Caynon Creek on Front Street, Toronto: TERRIBLE

Had dinner with a client here tonight and felt compelled to advise all fellow Chow's how terrible the food was. My rant continues on about just how terrible Toronto is as a city with great restaurants. The food tonight was awful. The artichoke dip was watery, and had no flavour. The nacho chips were stale and greasy. The tomato salsa was terrible.. it was small pieces of tomato's but had absolutlely NO Flavor and was NOT FRESH..the tomato's were definitely going bad. My customer ate the entire loaf of warm bread with butter (the butter had sugar added to it.. go figure?!!).. He said that it was the only part of the meal worth eating. The chicken was again flavorless, and the potatoes cold, with over cooked beans and a piece of corn on the cob (crazy!). The caesar chicken salad was served in a black bowl that had more finger prints on it than a police station and was nasty - anchovy paste overload, non-fresh lettuce and too much 'warm' mayo type dressing. Fatty bacon bits and plasticy chicken made the rest of the dish really memorable. All in all.. 1/10.. (for the bread). Way to go Toronto.. another crap restaurant to write up about. I hope I get a transfer to Vancouver or the States soon!

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  1. I agree. That places stinks.

    But, you should have known. (I made the same mistake too, once).

    1. That strip of Front caters to people who are there for conferences or games and who don't know better. I can't think of any restaurent that is good there.

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        I may have just been in a good mood, but I thought the lunch I had at Armadillo quite a bit better than most other chains..the warm tortilla chips and nicely seasoned salsa at least better than Lone Star.

      2. Chain restaurants usually matter what city you're in!
        They are about mass production and mass consumption...not about attention to detail.

        Toronto is an amazing place if you stay away from the chains...

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