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Sep 6, 2006 12:07 AM

First time in Montreal

I am a regular to this most excellent board and always enjoy the recommendations given. So with that in mind I need your help: I am off for 4 days in Montreal and want some recommendations of the best places to eat. I need one recommendation for a client dinner (looking for excellent food but not too stuffy) and then several places I can dine alone. I love all food types and want to know where are the real local "finds" in Montreal. I will be staying downtown and will not have a car. Oh, and if you could also point out where to go to have the smoked meat sandwich that would be excellent.

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  1. Schwartz for smoked meat and for a really nice place for dinner is la Montée de Lait (the food is the best and the wine reccomendations are precise). For your time alone I would recommend you to a new place called Robin des Bois where you can eat at a bar and enjoy great food.

    1. Try Au Pied Des Cochon for one of your solo dinners. You can eat at the bar there, and its a fantastic eatery featuring local flare that you won't find anywhere else.

      1. you should really try a BYOW called le P'tit Plateau for exquisite french cuisine. You need to reserve in advance .

        1. Ended up going to toque on friday with my clients. Good meal but quite expensive. They used foam on almost every plate, I thought that had gone out of fashion in the 90's!

          Had lunch at Schwartz's (thanks Bovoli!), what a great place. Sat at the bar and chatted with the owner and ate a classic smoked meat sandwich and frites.

          Dinner that night was at Ferrera, fab Portugese restaurant with excellent food. I had the Sardines (best Ive ever had) followed up with a specialty they likened to Paella. It was OK and a little sloppy for my taste. Service was impeccable and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Montreal.