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Sep 5, 2006 11:38 PM

Recommendations for Brunch that serves outside.......want for Sunday Sept 17th

Any suggestions for a good brunch, seating outside with good or interesting views in Manhattan? This will be for Sunday morning September 17th. Assuming of course if weather cooperates.



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  1. Blue Water Grill in Union Square has a good brunch and great people watching.

    Pastis in the meatpacking disctrict is another spot that has good brunch fare in a buzzing part of town.

    Don't know if the Boathouse in central park serves brunch, but if they do this is a great spot

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      Yes, the Boathouse does serve brunch. And I agree that it's a great choice because the food's very good, and the outdoor area can be glassed in, so if the weather is cool, one can still take advantage of the lovely lakeside view.

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        1. You may have to wait in line for a table here, but the French-inspired brunch and the fresh and very good baked goods are worth it. Tartine in the West Village.

          1. "Coffee Shop" on Union Square has excellent brunch and outdoor seating (although if you sit inside you may catch some very good live music during Sunday brunch)