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Sep 5, 2006 11:09 PM

Roasting time for turkey legs

Picked up 2 turkey legs (drumstick+thigh), ~2 lbs each. How long should they be roasted and at what temp? Would you embellish w/ herbs prior to roasting? Thank you!

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  1. Those are "bigguns"! Since they probably have the big - for lack of a proper definition/word- the white quills inside- I treat them to long slow roasts with or a long slow smoke off-side heat on the Q. So- in the oven maybe 275 degrees (cover w/ foil and maybe add a bit of liquid like a few T of sherry the first hour- then uncover) check at 2 hours, may need 3 hours. They can be fairly agressively seasoned (I like a mustard based herbal coating). On the Q I use a dry rub and go about 3 hours (they turn out like the ones from state fairs)- again depending on the size.