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william's coffee pub

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So I went there on Labour Day ('coz it was the only thing opened nearby) and it kinda sucked, TBH.

Originally, my SO and I were looking for cappuccinos on Labour Day, and Tim Horton's cappuccinos, well, they just dont quite do it. So we go to William's, we find cappuccino, and we also find food! So we decided to try it. We had the all day breakfast (scrambled eggs, potatoes, 2 slices of bacon, 4 slices of buttered toast, and coffee), and a belgian waffle with strawberries and of course, the cappuccino. It all came to $12.

The breakfast was okay. Not as big as the ones I could get elsewhere. Eggs were not good at all (not to my liking, at least). The one good thing was the potatoes. Nice and crispy. Yum.

I guess the waffle was okay. My SO loved it. Strawberries were skimpy though, for the extra $0.20. I guess I cant complain there.

No refills on coffee. Cappuccino was VERY .. espresso-ey. It was in a slightly bigger cup than an espresso cup with very little foamy milk on top. Very strong stuff.

I didnt like it that much. But its as close to breakfast diner food near me this weekend as it gets. Oh well.

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  1. I too got stuck at a Williams on Labour Day! We were at the one in Hamilton accross from Mcmaster...The coffee was ok for what it was...but the carrot cake was fantastic, cream cheese icing, very moist and a good size serving...or it could be that I was just delusional and thought I was going to starve to death seeing as everything else was closed.