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Sep 5, 2006 10:17 PM

Surprising Meal at Suppenkuche!

Although I live only 2 blocks from Suppenkuche, I am always hesitant to go there for dinner. Its due to the hectic service, the shared tables (usually since I go with my boyfriend, and not a party of 4 we get tacked on awkwardly to someone else's group) and the usual disappointing food.

My boyfriend and I found ourselves hungry and with no where else to go on Labor Day night for dinner. Il Borgo - closed! Sauce - closed! My restaurant was closed as well, so I understood. But we were hungry and the only places open were Fritjz (WORST CREPES EVER) and Suppenkuche.
We decided to take the plunge, and headed in for dinner.

After a 15 minute wait, we were seated.... tacked on awkwardly to a party of 4's table. It took about 10 minutes of waiting to receive menus. They were totally swamped. I decided to order their "special" entree - a grilled skirt steak with potato gratin and black truffle butter. I ordered it RARE and my boyfriend orded the pan-fried whole trout w. lemon and butter sauce. He always orders this and I've found it to be the only consistantly good thing on their set dinner menu.

We never received water - and only after my boyfriend asked the waitress - TWICE did he receive a water.... by that time, we were about done eating. But our entrees came relatively quickly - and I'm shocked and surprised to say that... my steak was great!
It was definitly NOT rare - but in this case i'll let it slide - they were extremely busy and skirt steak, being that it's such a thin cut, can be hard to cook rare. It was medium rare-ish - a little closer to medium. But it was juicy, not dried at all - and the truffle butter was great. Yes yes, of course, how can you mess up anything with truffle butter - but it was done well. The butter was melting all over the steak, and it wasn't overly truffly or overly buttery. The potato gratin that accompanied the steak was good as well - layers of potato with cream and parmesan and a hint of thyme.

All in all - my entree was outstanding compared to the sub-par dinners I've gotten there before.
I hope they put it on the permenant menu!

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  1. I've been to bruch twice (introduced by chaddict) and loved the fare. The communal seating does mean no tearful heart-to-hearts, but the food was very good. I particularly loved the Emperor's Pancake. It's also simply and attractive in a ski lodge way, minimal but evocative.

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      Is the Emperors Pancake a "Dutch (Deutsch) Baby" kind of like a large popover with lemon juice and powdered sugar or apple???

    2. I'd imagine the "Emperor's Pancake" is Kaiserschmarren, an Austrian dish. Supposedly they were invented by Emperor Franz Josef's chef for FJ's wife Sisi, who had bad teeth. They're traditionally crepes chopped up into pieces, mixed with raisins and jam.

      1. Sort of a cross between the two. Apple butter, not lemon. I also liked their Potato Pancakes.

        1. Not food-related but next time you're there, take a look at the ceiling. You'll see a bunch of butterflies laid out in a long chain with a few separated from the chain. Most of the butterflies are white but a few are colored. If you keep up with sports, you should notice that the butterflies are arranged to resemble the participants in a certain multi-day European cycling event... Just something I learned last time I was there from one of the servers who was having dinner next to me and my friend.

          1. No one ever goes here, it's always so crowded.

            There's a price line here (entrees below $19). There's a great price value relationship on things like the Vesperplatte mit Schinken, Blutwurst, Kabanossi, Bulette, Salami und Käse. Beer is what goes best with this food - notice the attention to varieties and glassware. It can be impossibly loud to the extent that you can have a private conversation at a scream without being fully heard. The community table policy is what they're known for, however there are some quieter/smaller tables on the south side of the establishment. It's a beer hall basically, but Suppenkuche does deliver on its name - affordable food.