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Sep 5, 2006 09:57 PM

Cooking Club of America

Today I received a letter in the mail saying that I had been "nominated" (yeah, right) for membership in the Cooking Club of America. "Dues" are $1 a month, and they say they will send you free cooking-related items in exchange for testing them and filling out a questionnaire. Has anyone heard of this or tried it? Do I want to junk up my kitchen with a lot of stuff? Any info will be appreciated!

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  1. Mrs. Mousse fell for this a couple of years back, never again. The magazine is worthless. The "free cooking related items" are cheap and useless. I think they actually sent her a bookmark one month. That's right, a book mark. That $12 would be better spent by treating yourself to a good lunch.

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      I agree with Morton. I have received this mailing several times. When you really read all the information, you realize that it just is not worth it.

      1. Thanks, fellow Chowhounds. I sort of figured...

        1. I have gotten a couple of nice items for testing, but essentially it's a cookbook club. You can count on receiving a cookbook every month. They're nicely put together, but also expensive, and I don't tend to use cookbooks much. After the first two or three, it seems like they come every week. They are too big to put into a mailbox, so if you return them you have to take them into the post office. Unless you are short on cookware and long on time, I'd say it's not worth it.

          1. I joined out of curiousity and now can't seem to get out of my membership to save my life. I can't remember when I last paid ANY dues and yet I still keep getting the magazine. The magazine is OK, but it is way too full of superbly high fat and high calorie foods for my liking, plus too many articles in it absolutely crowing over someone's cooking skills and their wonderful cooking clubs full of self righteous folks deftly balancing wine glasses (ALL holding them incorrectly, as it seems!) while noshing on superb foods. The products are junk, highly agreeable. And I got letter after letter saying I had been 'chosen' for a lifetime membership (implied that is it SUCH an honor) and that I should HURRY UP and accept. I do nothing and then I get another letter a few weeks later wondering WHY i haven't accepted such a privileged honor.

            Don't bother, I say. It's not worth it. It's one of those magazines that seem to want more to impress people than to educate or feed them well. And when I tried to mention on the discussion boards that too many of the recipes were too fatty and caloric, you would have thought I tried to start WWIII. Apparently their clientele thinks that gourmet food HAS to be that way or you can't call it gourmet! very fast.