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Sep 5, 2006 09:43 PM

Just moved to East Williamsburg/Bushwick - where should I eat?

I just moved to an apt between the Montrose and Morgan stops on the L and am looking for recomendations. All the Chowhound threads on this area are really old. Where should i go for take-out, dine-in, etc? Cheap and affordable is key.

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  1. there is a mexican restaurant in the silver dining car just outside the dekalb-wyckoff stop on the L with a list of specials that you ask to see -- tasty, cheap, authentic mexican food. good chicken mole and pork ribs in green sauce.

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      1. re: guide boy

        Green sauce is good, the place is authentic, but food ain't all that awesome...just a cool setting that would pump guideboy's exoticist jets

        1. re: zemilideias

          And nice chubby waitresses from los altos de Puebla.

        2. re: guide boy

          Taco Hacienda.
          Ugh. Had the worse meal ever there.

          I would not suggest this place.

        3. No one else has any suggestions? Don' force me to eat at Taco Loco or whatever that grody burrito place is near the subway. Where's the good food?

          1. Sorry, but there ain't none. The L train will get you to decent food a couple stops away but that area is pretty awful food-wise.

            1. Indeed, there aren't many places right in your area. You're better off going a couple stops away:

              Life Cafe 983
              983 Flushing avenue between Bogart and Evergreen... off the Morgan Avenue Stop. - It's a bar / restaurant with decent pub fare. I enjoy the burgers.

              Northeast Kingdom
              18 Wyckoff Avenue, on the Corner of Troutman St. It's off of the Jefferson St. stop on the L.

              This is a good place. It's been open about a year and they have decent food. It's not the typical neighborhood place and it's not as cheap... $9 to $14 for entrees. It's a restaurant first but I hang out at the bar there with my room mates on cold nights. Worth a trip to check it out. The owner also opened a coffee shop just down the block (opened this past week) with sandwiches for less $. Both places are like something you'd find in williamsburg or manhattan.

              Guide_boy's post about the mexican place in the diner car on the corner of Dekalb and Wyckoff Ave (at the Dekalb stop on the L) is decent (It's called Tacos La Hacienda) but if you want better tacos go right to the source of the tortillas... They make them on the premises to sell to stores but inside they have a counter to order tacos, tortas, etc. All are very fresh and the meet isn't as gristly. Plus the guy is super friendly... It's on Starr street between Wyckoff Avenue and Cypress avenue. If you get out of the L train at the front (coming from manhattan) you're on the corner of Starr and you can see it from the corner. I love this place. I go there for lunch a couple times a month. But I can't remember the name :)

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                1. re: squid kun

                  yes! that's it. I just walked down there this morning to get the name of the place. I'm going to have to get tacos for lunch, now.

                2. re: aerendir

                  Good taco recc and I definitely like it, but I've never liked how it compares to the carts that I'm loyal to in Red Hook (now closed for the year :( ), Jackson Heights, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love the atmosphere and the tortillas are great, but I've felt like the fillings are missing something.

                3. One of my favorite soul food joints in the city, Down South Cafe, is in the Bushwick area, corner of Halsey and Lewis. They serve up one of the tastiest sage sausages you're likely to get north of the Carolinas, and huge breakfasts of eggs, whiting and grits, at incredibly cheap prices. Check it out while it's still around.

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                    Alas Down South Cafe is around no more ... I know I'm late with this, but in case anyone is researching like me ...