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Sep 5, 2006 09:37 PM

Tagine Moroccan Restaurant - Perceptor's Report

Just had a good dining experience at Tagine. Head Chef/Owner Ben testing out his new Tasting Menus and we were able to check those out. It was definitely a modern take on traditional Moroccan fare. The wait staff is prob the best, most knowledgable and most friendly staff I have ever experienced. Check this place out.

My photo coverage:

132 N Robertson Blvd
Beverly HIlls, CA 90211
(310) 360-7535

- Perceptor

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  1. Beautiful pictures as usual Perceptor, thanks! I've been dying to try a real Bastilla for ages, this'll give me a good excuse to try out Tagine.

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    1. re: Kishari

      Have you tried the duck bastilla at Chameau on Fairfax just south of Canter's? It is an appetizer portion, and is REALLY tasty. All the other things I have eaten there have also been very good, yet Perceptor's pics are a great argument to try Tagine really soon.
      Thanks for those delicious pics - make me hungry - again!

    2. Nice pictured report as usual; convincing enough to get people to go. "Didn't know the Moroccans had Sangria" well they might as well since the northern tip of Morocco is less than 15 miles from Spain. On the other hand, Calais is only 25 miles from Dover but probably doesn't have Fish-n-Chips; but that's the French for you.

      1. JBC....
        good point about how close morocco and spain are.. didnt even think about that..

        1. What was the cost of the tasting? How much for how many people including food, drinks, tax and tip?

          Looks great.

          1. Echo eater..
            Tasting was $35 per person. so with the drinks and tips, it was about <$50 per person