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Nov 4, 2004 01:05 AM

suggestions for lunch and dinner near Redwood City

  • j

My husband will be working in Redwood City on a Friday and Saturday, and would appreciate suggestions for business dining with his boss for below $15.00 a person.


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  1. j
    Jeni Bean (Formerly Richie Richmond)

    A native of Redwood city I frequented a lot of the local places. Since you didn't specify how "nice" you wanted the place to be beside for your price point here are my recommendations.

    Bangkok Bay (Thai) (825 El Camino Real Tel: (650) 365-5369)
    New Kapadokia (Turkish) (report attached)
    Kabul (Afgani) (Belmont)
    Suraj (Indian)
    D'asaro (who knows)1041 Middlefield Road, not the best, not the worst, might be pricier than what you want.

    I am sure others will have other suggestions/disagree with me, but those are some that came to mind.

    I would say my top 2 would be my first choices.


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    1. La Pachanga (Michoacan style Mexican) on Middlefield Road just before it leave RWC for Atherton.

      1. I had the chance to go to Suraj for their $10 lunch buffet. I thought it was pretty good.
        Although, the guy that collects the money at the counter is left to your imagination for his not so kind personality.

        1. There is also Lobster Shack on Veteren's Blvd.
          Estampas Peruanas (Peruvian) on El Camino past Broadway
          Lucia's (Italian) on Woodside Road, close to Massachusetts
          Max's on El Camino (Sequoia Station Center)

          1. The original comment has been removed