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Sep 5, 2006 09:25 PM

I need a Real Restaurant in Pasadena that has good outdoor seating

Hello All,

I need to find a real restaurant in Pasadena that has real food (no chain restaurants) and good outdoor seating. Something casual, hole in the wall preferred, and on the cheap side would be helpful. Any suggestions would be great.


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  1. If you like Mexican food, I suggest El Portal on Green Street. The food is decent Mexican fare, focusing on Yucatan dishes, and it won't break the bank.

    If you want a real hole in the wall and you don't mind English pub food (which is quite decent btw), Lucky Baldwin's got your name written all over it. Although it can be tricky to find an outdoor seat most nights.

    1. I like the outdoor seating at Saladang Song in Fair Oaks, food and price is not bad (~$15/pp). (sister restaurant Saladang is right next door and slightly cheaper, but no outdoor seating.)

      I would also say Crepe Vine in a flash but their outdoor patio absolutely reeks of foul alley odors.

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        Saladang Song is where I want to eat outdoors, if it's not in my own yard. Much calmer and quieter than the frankly cacaphonous dining room, and as long as it's not swarming with ill-behaved children (always an issue in these parts) it's a lovely place to be.

        Whatever you do, order the corn cakes.

      2. Mijares, south of old town, this location has patios. It's Mexican, the food is good, not great, prices reasonable. But most of all this place is incredibly fun and friendly, you walk in and just become happy. You can also eat at the very comfortable, laid back bar.

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          I agree - but their salsa is really good for a Mexican restaurant table salsa (my favorite)! Their back patio is really nice to sit in on a nice balmy evening!
          El Portal is also nice - but you are more in a courtyard area here.
          Carmine's in South Pasadena (Italian) has a patio, but you can hear the Fair Oaks traffic driving by.

        2. Though not on the cheap side, Green Street Restaurant has a great patio area; i also like Yahaira's which has some outdoor seating and is very reasonably priced.
          Then there's Dona Rosa on California/Arroyo, or how about Gordon Biersch in Old Town.

          1. Thanks to all for the replies. I ended up at Green Street and had great service, 2 cups of soup (corn chowder - not so good & pork n torilla - good stuff) 2 salads (shoppers lane - very good, southwest caesar even better) for $40 out the door. A little pricey for what it is, but if you're sitting outside on a nice night the place is worth it. A nice walk down Lake with coffee and pastries from Corner Bistro... It all worked out well. Much appreciated!

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            1. re: Bart

              I'm so glad you enjoyed your meal there! It's one of my favorite spots in town. Great family-owned business, always very accomodating and attentive, generous portions.