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Sep 5, 2006 08:42 PM

Help!!!! Bachellorette Party Dinner (Zatinya, Lima, Zengo, Marakesh and Oya)

I'm throwing a bachellorette party in mid-October. A bunch of the bride's college friends, muself included, decided to all return to DC (where we went to school) for the weekend. These are the recomendations I got for resturants that would be fun for dinner that night - Zatinya (have been and LOVE), Lima, Zengo, Marakesh and Oya. Does anyone have anything to say about this list, or can add a few names for about 15 people, who are definitely of the partying variety. Keep in mind most are from Manhattan and haven't been back to DC in a few years.

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  1. Ok...maybe I can help...a couple years ago I helped throw a bachelorette party for a friend and we went to Neyla in Georgetown. Food is similar to Zaytinya but the restaurant is not as loud. I actually like Neyla better...but it's been a while since I've been. There was probably about 10 or so of us and they sat us at this long table that they have in the middle of the restaurant. I believe we pre-arranged to have the "Grand Mezza" which is a sampling of several of Neyla's dishes. Very good! We all enjoyed it very much.

    I'm not sure Zaytinya takes reservations but I had a friend who was a sous chef when it first opened. I think the food is pretty good...the best part about Zaytinya is the decor...very clean and simple design.

    Unfortunately I haven't been to any of the other places...I'm sure someone else will give you some feedback about them. Good luck and have fun!!!

    1. Zaytinia doesn't take reservations after 6:30 but perhaps if your group is large enough, you can get one. Skip Oya - posted about 2-3 months ago about this place - great decor but I will never go back. Bar scene at Zengo is fun, and we had good apps. Haven't been to Marakkesh in years but it was quite fun, with communal dining . . . if I had to choose, I'd try Zaytinia or even Cafe Atlantico. You really can't go wrong with a Jose Andres restaurant!

      1. Zaytinia is definitely the best of your list for a fun night out. It's the closest DC comes to a NY restaurant - in food and atmosphere. Neyla may be good but does not have near the ambiance or excitement. What do you think of Rosa Mexicano? I know it is in Manhattan as well, so that might not be as attractive an idea - but it is also a lot of fun and great food.