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Sep 5, 2006 08:40 PM

Jackson restaurant. Who has been?

I am curious about this place. I keep hearing wonderful things but have yet to try it. The location bothers me for some reason and I have always found the service slow probably due to the split levels but there is a real charm to it. Is it one of those jinxed locations?
What about the food? What is an essential dish not to be missed? I would like to try it. Is it incredibly expensive?

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  1. Okay, admittedly the time we went was Mother's Day brunch which is probably a pretty poor time to evaluate a restaurant, but the place was only half full when we arrived for our reservation (i think it was probably around 1:30). Service was good and personable, price wasn't cheap, but it was fair (although i thought the bloody mary's were very lacking in alcohol content), but the food was totally mediocre. The brunch menu i thought lacked much imagination and they were out of my first choice, which was the oysters sardou. I ended up ordering an omelet that would've been at home at IHOP (except it was smaller). The jalapeno cheese grits were cold, and i forget the rest of the meal, but that's only because it was totally forgettable... with so many places available to eat, i don't go back to restaurants that fail to impress at least on some level and Jackson definitely failed to impress.

    1. The food was ok, but the service was TERRIBLE. We never got silverware, ate our first course with our hands (it was mussels) because they never came back to check and we couldn't find a server. Oh, and it wasn't right. The second course was not what I ordered so I sent it back. The replacement took forever so I finally had to get it boxed up. When I opened it, I saw that then they forgot the shrimp, but I had already paid for them. In the end, it was a $60, more than an hour fiasco of a lunch.

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        Thanks for your comments on a restaurant that's been closed for more than 2 years now.

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          Actually, new owners just opened a restaurant in that location but decided to keep the Jackson name. Odd, I know.

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            Okay, so has anybody tried the NEW Jackson? I'd love to hear how it's going - Nice to see their doors swung wide open again.

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              I'd love to know as well. I live right down the street. It better be good, because based on the prices I saw on the menu, I would need to have my socks blown off to pay that much for dinner. There's also another coffee/breakfast place that just opened next to it, has anyone been there? And on the other side of Jackson is another place - looks like an old fashioned ice cream parlor - that is about to open.

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                  On Magazine, where J'anita's used to be.

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                    Sweet Gals...mixed reviews on another food board, but they seem to be resolving their issues.

      2. This took me aback as my son used to work there before it closed.

        1. Went there for the first time last week and I was really impressed with the food and the service. I went back last night, and though they had just closed, the owner, Marc, remembered my name and offered us drinks at the bar. The food was fantastic and it's definitely worth checking out. The prices definitely were completely reasonable. It's nice to have another good option on that part of Magazine.

          1. Just went there last night and really enjoyed it. We had the melted cheese and diablo dip for appetizers. Very yummy. For dinner I had the jerk chicken with truffle fries and boursin whipped sweet potatoes and my boyfriend had the chicken sandwich with regular french fries. Both meals were very good. We felt that the menu was very reasonably priced and definitely want to go back again. We were told that on Wednesdays they have Moroccan food with some kind of special that is $40 per couple with a bottle of wine included. I'm really happy to have a restaurant like this in the neighborhood and am going to do all I can to support it.

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              We were in town for the Sugar Bowl, and ate at Jackson on New Year's Eve. One of our party had the same meal as the above poster, and he raved about it. Others had the debris po' boy, pulled pork po'boy, and some kind of salad. Everyone was very pleased with their meals. The truffle fries are especially good. We also had a bottle of wine. Prices were very reasonable; service was friendly and efficient. The owners, Mark Anthony and wife, could not have been friendlier. He repeatedly stopped at our table to speak with us, calling each by name. We will definitely eat there on our next trip to NOLA, and hope the locals support it.