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Sep 5, 2006 08:32 PM

Anyone know the restaurants on Wilson west of Dufferin?

I have been driving past Mastros restaurant on Wilson for years, anyone been there? Comments? There is also a Colombian Bakery and Colombian Restaurant as well as a Jamaican place. Next to a store front church is an Italian place called Traviata, I think.

In a strip mall is a place called Loconte that appears to be an Italian deli.

Anyone who knows any of these places, I am interested in knowing if there is a gem among the junk.

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  1. Haven't been to eat-in restos in this area - they all look kinda creepy from the outside! But I can tell you that there's some pretty good down-n-dirty greasy Chinese food at a fixture in the neighbourhood called "Blossom Inn". And, you can sit in to eat there, though I never have.

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      The creepiness is what has kept me out of them all this time. I walked by them today and all the strip malls smell like ashtrays. But still, if there is a hidden gem, enquiring minds want to know.

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      1. I haven't been to mastro's in years but from what I remember, the food is pretty good. We would have family functions there such as communions and baptisms until we moved away from the area.

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          I go to Mastro's all the time. It is still great! The food is old school-italian and freshly prepared. The last time I went there was even an Italian Mama in the kitchen. Every Saturday night, there is an accordion player and it really turns the night into a rockin' good time! In fact, last time I was at Costco, I think you could even get a coupon for Mastro's.

        2. Haven't been to any of the businesses you've mentioned, but I've visited a few other businesses nearby.
          La Luna, an Italian bakery in a strip mall on the south side of Wilson west of Dufferin, is great...nice mini-cannoli and other pastries. Reasonable prices and friendly staff.
          I had a good meal at Maya- Guatamalan home cooking.
          I've tried the empanadas at Rosa Chilena...which are decent but not the style I was looking for.

          I've been meaning to try Emporio de los Sandwiches and Los Arrieros (which might be the Colombian restaurant you're talking about).

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            I'll second phoenikia's mention of Maya as good (and her mention of wanting to try Los Arrieros, but that's because we went together to Maya when we found out Los Arrieros was closed).

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              what is this Maya place ? can you give a little review on it?
              I am thinking of going back to Los Arrieros again this weekend with few co-workers. but i would like to try something different if it is good.

              1. re: perl

                Maya is a Guatamalan restaurant located at 918 Wilson, west of Dufferin, 2 blocks west of Los Arrieros.

                We started with some fried plantain, served with refried black beans(cooked in lard) and crema. I tried their bandeja. It was combo plate with a marinated piece of beef and a fried pork cutlet served with an avocado and tomato salad and rice.

                The portions were smaller than Los Arrieros, but they were still ample and a good value. The food was nicely seasoned. I think they had several tex-mex items on the menu as well that I did not try. Nice staff.

            2. I tried the Jamaican place about a month ago and thought it was pretty good. A very generous portion of curry chicken with rice and beans and a little pasta salad. Very good patties as well. Very reasonable and the owner/server guy was very friendly. I have also tried the Uraguaya-Restaurant de los Sandwich. Decent empanadas, but wicked little pastries. Lots of different kinds and very reasonably priced.

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                what is this jamaican place called ? ambience and price ?