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Sep 5, 2006 08:19 PM

A good food w/e in Montreal

Did the roadtrip from NYC to Montreal last w/e. Other than the speeding ticket in Scroon, NY it was excellent. We stayed in a loft apt at Auberge du Vieux-Port in Old Montreal (there were 3 of us total). Got in around 2pmish and ate on the terrace area of the hotel's restaurant (not Les Ramparts though...) & had a decent lunch of grilled tiger shrimp, crab cakes & lobsters. Had made a reservation last minute at Au Pied de Cochon for 9:30pm so we had plenty of time to recover. Too bad NYC doesn't have an equivalent restaurant, for some reason there is one in Atlanta though? There used to be a restaurant that was somewhat similar here in NYC called D'Artagnan (purveyors of foie gras, etc) but the restaurant closed although the gourmet food distributorship still exists. I frequented D'Artagnan quite a bit during the 2-3 years it was around but I guess it didn't catch on. Back to APdC-had the foie gras hamburger & fries & a tomato tart & some beer. This was the 2nd time I've eaten here & it is a must eat at place for any chow hounder that comes to Montreal. My wife is a nutritionist and doesn't eat red meat but she enjoyed a huge cod plate that was the catch of the day-she allowed me to eat what I wanted this trip as I've been reasonably good lately. We spent Sat morning at Jean Talon market & I stuffed my face at many of the incredible booths there. The highlight was the duck sausage on a stick I got at one of the booths. I also checked out Havre au Glaces for some gelato-basic dark chocolate/vanilla combo. I had the greatest corn on the cob for .75 in the market too. Dinner was at Le Club Chasse et Peche and this was a big hit-the room itself is very cool-leather chairs at the tables-faux hunting lodge chic. I ended up ordering 3 apps for my meal-starting w/sauteed foie gras, followed by one side grilled scallops and finished off w/pork risotto w/flakes of foie gras. The food was unbelievable. I can't adequately describe how amazing the pork risotto dish was but believe me it is a keeper. My wife had the scallops as well & ordered the daily special entree which was grilled octopus which was huge & excellent. Our friend followed my lead & ordered 2 apps for dinner. She had the most amazing lobster salad w/watermelon & gnocci that was also huge & the only semi-disappointment which was a yellow fin tuna tartar that was very small but tasty per our friend. Only downer was our server was a young french speaking woman who just wasn't that good. Maybe I'm being harsh but I was expecting a more professional, polished server who really knew the menu & could speak English well & what we got was not that...
Just wanted to post our recent experience in lovely Montreal-will be back-maybe btw May-July as APdC has lobster during the season...

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  1. Great report. As for CCP, keep in mind that french is de rigueur in Montreal and that no one is being forced to speak english. At least she tried to speak english, that's not too bad.

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Pardon the interruption Folks, but Chowhound is about food, not about the usage of English or French in Canada. We have removed the replies on this thread that did not discuss food.

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            Oh boy... Not to be impolite, but I would tend to respectuflly disagree. If I were uniquely anglophone and potentially visiting Montreal, it would be quite relevant (and of great interest) whether or not a particular restaurant could serve me in my mother tongue.

            Sometimes I've noticed, service seems to be a part of the "meal experience" that may be overlooked at CH when evaluating restuarants. "It's all about the food" seems to be the governing mantra. IMHO, top notch service (or lack thereof) can make or break an otherwise excellent culinary experience. Language is a large part of that, particularly in a bilingual city.