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Sep 5, 2006 08:17 PM

best fried chicken wings (not buffalo wings)

hi all.

looking for the best fried chicken wings, not buffalo wings, but I don't mind spice. I want something unique, some extra spice; the fried chicken wings at ali baba's in fresh meadows come to mind: afghan spices, very spicy. also the wings they sell sometimes in chinese restaurants (not the typical chinese takeout) that have five-spice and others; a semi-thick batter would be nice (probably not flour only) but a unique flavor w/ spices would be ideal.

preferably in manhattan, queens or brooklyn, and, willing to travel. takeout is also fine.

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  1. the japanese style fried chicken wings that come deep fried to a crisp and soaked in a peppery, salty and sweet glaze from kasadela.
    tigerland makes these angel wings (sometimes called bangkok stuffed wings) where they take the bones out of the chicken wing middle part and stuff it with a spring roll stuffing with a light crust that's deep fried. it's not spicy but it comes with a sweet chilli sauce.
    kinda random, not sure if it's worth going out of your way for but great if you're in the nabe, the wings at sato on queens blvd.
    makes me salivate just thinking about all these favorite part of the chicken.

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      I think the wings in Kasadela are one of the best. They got another Japanese Chicken wing place opened up by a former sumo wrestler

      144 W 19th St
      New York, NY 10011
      (212) 924-3335

      Its those Nagoya style chicken wings.

      There is another small family joint. I don't remember its either on elizabeth street or on mott street north of canal a couple of block. Sorry for not being exact but maybe someone knows. They hallow out the wing and they stuff it with some flavored sticky rice. The picture is on the window and its a small place.

      1. re: designerboy01

        is this place chinese? japanese? I'd be very curious; I work in the area so I will look for it. thanks.

        1. re: bigjeff

          Kasadela is a Japanese restaurant but the chef I heard was the sous chef at Nobu and he is Thai. I believe he got that chicken wing recipe from his Mom.

          Tebaya is Japanese. My friends from Nagoya says his is the most authentic. Nagoya is know for their breed of chicken. I have no idea if their chicken comes from Nagoya or not but that is the style they have there.

          That other place with the fried chicken wings stuffed with sticky rice is chinese. Its a small family operation and the service was a little spotty. Prices were low. Looks like locals go there. They got a picture of the wings in the window that is what pulled me in to try it. I'm sorry I forgot where it was. Its north of grand street, but I forgot if its Mott (my first guess) or Elizabeth. The wings were enought to fill me up with a drink.

          1. re: designerboy01

            thanks for the kasedela rec! well worth the walk out east, we started with a double order of the wings and they did not disappoint. I had originally planned a double-header with Tebaya but it was just too far away to do in one shot; besides, we'll Tebaya for next week. Never had a glaze so rich, sticky and flavorful before; delicious!

            1. re: designerboy01

              Tebaya is a take out joint. They got seats but its small.

              1. re: designerboy01

                Not a bad bite - thanks for the tip. They're deboned, stuffed to bulging with sticky rice (studded with bits of pork), closed up with a toothpick, and fried to order. Slightly bland, but there are condiments on the tables if you want to spice them up.

                The place is called Rainbow Cafe (154 Mott St. between Grand and Broome, 212-343-7083). It's a Hong Kong-style neighborhood joint that also serves breakfast, chow fun and chow mein, noodle soups, rice plates, gratin-like baked rice or pasta dishes, fruit and tea drinks, etc. Most items are $4 or $5; the priciest, at $7.25, is noodles with seafood. The labor-intensive stuffed wings are at the high end for this place, six for $6.95.

                Midafternoon on a weekday, a few locals were shooting the breeze and enjoying a late lunch. I'll drop in again sometime, maybe try one of those baked rice dishes.

                1. re: squid kun

                  Yep those are the ones. Boy you really went on a hunt for them. I put spicy sauce on mine to give it a kick.

            2. re: designerboy01

              That's pretty funny. That guy at Tebaya has an interesting history in NYC, but I wonder about his sumo past. While it makes some sense, I hadn't heard about that. His parents have a pretty famous fried chicken business in Nagoya, so it must be in his blood. Besides the wings, the miso katsu sandwich is very good. And I also really like the potemochi sides.

              1. re: E Eto

                Nagoya is known for its tasty chicken. I'm going off to Japan soon and I'm going to try to hit one of those chicken wing joints.

          2. sato is about 2 blocks away from my house! so if that's a go, I'm totally into it! funny; they are a very american-ized chinese-run japanese restaurant but I'll definitely go for the wings. thank you, I'll also look into some of these others.

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            1. re: bigjeff

              btw, they are closed until wednesday, september 13; I made the mistake of walking all the way over there this past saturday, for NOTHING! but it looks promising. I'll check it out later this week.