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Best place for dinner along Hawthorne Blvd from Palos Verdes to the 405

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Suggestions? Anywhere from the Ocean all the way to the 405 along Hawthorne Blvd.

Mind's drawing blanks right now and have to have dinner tonight...about 7 people....not a hole in the wall.

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    1. There are a number of all you can each Chinese buffets in the area.

      Don't go to any of them ...

      I have ...

      1. As have I. bleh.

        I might try Christine...we'll see if the rest of the diners are akin to it (they prefer Red Lobster type places).

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          El Pollo Inka's a little further up Hawthorne. Might please the Red Lobster crowd, particularly if they enjoy Peruvian, black-light ambiance. The food is generally good, though I stay away from any of the dishes that incorporate french fries (get too soggy).

        2. Yeah....they've enjoyed that when I brought that as take out food. Perhaps thats an option....another option was Marmalade Cafe @ the Penninsula Shopping center...nice patio for dinner.....

          1. Restaurant Christine is an excellent choice for Hawthorne Blvd.