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Sep 5, 2006 08:09 PM

Best place for dinner along Hawthorne Blvd from Palos Verdes to the 405

Suggestions? Anywhere from the Ocean all the way to the 405 along Hawthorne Blvd.

Mind's drawing blanks right now and have to have dinner tonight...about 7 people....not a hole in the wall.

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    1. There are a number of all you can each Chinese buffets in the area.

      Don't go to any of them ...

      I have ...

      1. As have I. bleh.

        I might try Christine...we'll see if the rest of the diners are akin to it (they prefer Red Lobster type places).

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          El Pollo Inka's a little further up Hawthorne. Might please the Red Lobster crowd, particularly if they enjoy Peruvian, black-light ambiance. The food is generally good, though I stay away from any of the dishes that incorporate french fries (get too soggy).

        2. Yeah....they've enjoyed that when I brought that as take out food. Perhaps thats an option....another option was Marmalade Cafe @ the Penninsula Shopping center...nice patio for dinner.....

          1. Restaurant Christine is an excellent choice for Hawthorne Blvd.