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Sep 5, 2006 08:09 PM

Taco Del Mar is Coming to N.E. Calgary!!!

Can't wait! Was hoping for this and/or Chipotle to show up and fill the gap until I can get my own Taqueria off the ground!

Odd location, but close enough to the office to rotate it with Chico's at Sunridge.

See you there on opening day, Mr. Manzo!!!!!!

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  1. WHERE IN THE HELL IS THIS?? They slap it in Falconridge??

    Oh well, some things are worth the drive, but dammit, why not 17th Ave or 4th St or...???

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    1. re: John Manzo

      (*psst* for some of us who don't live in the Beltline 17th Av or 4th St SW are still 20+ minute drives ... it's all relative) The Falconridge location will serve a large latino population who live in the area. :)

      1. re: maplesugar

        I never thought of that! No, wait, actually I did. Falconridge (etc) already have a surfeit of great cheap ethnic places, though. Our destination neighbourhoods (17th, Kensington, Inglewood) need some of that stuff too. MORE of that. 17th and 4th aren't just for people who live in the Beltline or Mission etc, they're playgrounds for the whole city.

        If there is a large latino pop in the far NE (and this is news to me, honest), I wish one of THEM would open a place!

        1. re: John Manzo

          I agree 17th and 4th are for everyone...and that downtown could use some good cheap eats. I miss that about my time in Montreal... 3am falafel plate for under $5. *swoon*

          Just attempting to make the point that there are a plethora of choice restos in the downtown area whereas the burbs are usually stuck with dull, uninspired chains. Falconridge might be a 20 min or so drive for someone residing in Mission just as it's a 20+ minute drive to downtown for us from Panorama. I'd love to see my friend's Dad open a place, he makes the best empanadas I've ever had... he's up here in Panorama Hills too lol if he were to open a place up here (aka South Balzac) it'd be quite the drive for you ;)

          1. re: maplesugar

            But worth every minute! Put my vote in for an Empanada as well!

    2. .... or Macleod Trail or 16th Ave.... It's going in on the east side of Falconridge drive @ Mcknight, near KFC and Shoppers. It is across the Street from Taco Bell, will be interesting to see how there business is affected.

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      1. re: newJJD

        I hear that they have sold 11 locations in Calgary and 9 in Edmonton

        Deerfoot and 130th is the next opening i guess

      2. Did you see how many lower mainland locations this place has?? Here I was thinking the one of B'way in Van was the first- SIX in Surrey??

        52nd and McKnight- man, it might as well be in Airdrie :(

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        1. re: John Manzo

          Hopefully that means this is just one of many to open in '07 in Calgary.

          The beauty of the location Manzo, is that you can have a fish Taco and a Roti from The Organettes club on the same trip out!

          Would love an Airdrie location, as that is where i now live!!!

        2. ...and there goes my left cojone...

          1. I also hear that Aidrie Taco Del Mar will be open in spring 07 in Sierra Springs

            Can't wait until they are all over the city this concept is the best!! I went to one on Granville last week in Vancouver and I had a Corona and a Burrito Wow! where else can you get that in Alberta!!

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            1. re: Burritolove16

              Umm, you can get that combo at Chico's Tecate Grill near Sunridge (where RONA and CIBC are).

              I've never had Taco Del Mar, just heard good things... until then , Chico's is my #1 spot