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Taco Del Mar is Coming to N.E. Calgary!!!


Can't wait! Was hoping for this and/or Chipotle to show up and fill the gap until I can get my own Taqueria off the ground!

Odd location, but close enough to the office to rotate it with Chico's at Sunridge.

See you there on opening day, Mr. Manzo!!!!!!

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  1. WHERE IN THE HELL IS THIS?? They slap it in Falconridge??

    Oh well, some things are worth the drive, but dammit, why not 17th Ave or 4th St or...???

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    1. re: John Manzo

      (*psst* for some of us who don't live in the Beltline 17th Av or 4th St SW are still 20+ minute drives ... it's all relative) The Falconridge location will serve a large latino population who live in the area. :)

      1. re: maplesugar

        I never thought of that! No, wait, actually I did. Falconridge (etc) already have a surfeit of great cheap ethnic places, though. Our destination neighbourhoods (17th, Kensington, Inglewood) need some of that stuff too. MORE of that. 17th and 4th aren't just for people who live in the Beltline or Mission etc, they're playgrounds for the whole city.

        If there is a large latino pop in the far NE (and this is news to me, honest), I wish one of THEM would open a place!

        1. re: John Manzo

          I agree 17th and 4th are for everyone...and that downtown could use some good cheap eats. I miss that about my time in Montreal... 3am falafel plate for under $5. *swoon*

          Just attempting to make the point that there are a plethora of choice restos in the downtown area whereas the burbs are usually stuck with dull, uninspired chains. Falconridge might be a 20 min or so drive for someone residing in Mission just as it's a 20+ minute drive to downtown for us from Panorama. I'd love to see my friend's Dad open a place, he makes the best empanadas I've ever had... he's up here in Panorama Hills too lol if he were to open a place up here (aka South Balzac) it'd be quite the drive for you ;)

          1. re: maplesugar

            But worth every minute! Put my vote in for an Empanada as well!

    2. .... or Macleod Trail or 16th Ave.... It's going in on the east side of Falconridge drive @ Mcknight, near KFC and Shoppers. It is across the Street from Taco Bell, will be interesting to see how there business is affected.

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      1. re: newJJD

        I hear that they have sold 11 locations in Calgary and 9 in Edmonton

        Deerfoot and 130th is the next opening i guess

      2. Did you see how many lower mainland locations this place has?? Here I was thinking the one of B'way in Van was the first- SIX in Surrey??

        52nd and McKnight- man, it might as well be in Airdrie :(

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        1. re: John Manzo

          Hopefully that means this is just one of many to open in '07 in Calgary.

          The beauty of the location Manzo, is that you can have a fish Taco and a Roti from The Organettes club on the same trip out!

          Would love an Airdrie location, as that is where i now live!!!

        2. ...and there goes my left cojone...

          1. I also hear that Aidrie Taco Del Mar will be open in spring 07 in Sierra Springs

            Can't wait until they are all over the city this concept is the best!! I went to one on Granville last week in Vancouver and I had a Corona and a Burrito Wow! where else can you get that in Alberta!!

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            1. re: Burritolove16

              Umm, you can get that combo at Chico's Tecate Grill near Sunridge (where RONA and CIBC are).

              I've never had Taco Del Mar, just heard good things... until then , Chico's is my #1 spot

            2. I live in the N.E and alot of Latino People live here so for sure you will get alot of bisiness, you picked the perfect area for a restaurant.

              1. I tried Taco del Mar on Wednesday eve and was sorely disappointed. I'm originally from the southern states and have yet to find anything Mexican--outside of my own kitchen--worth raving about in Calgary. Tecate Grill was really good Mexican-ish. I loved the salsas--that's what I was hoping to get from TdM. No such luck--a real shame since I live very close.

                1. which southern state(s)? There is a HUGE difference in quality in Mexican b/t Texas (fantastic) and Alabama (worse than Calgary).

                  1. Kansas (OK Mexican) and Oklahoma (fantastic).

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                    1. re: tracey06

                      You must not be American- Americans would never say that Kansas was a southern state! But I can only imagine how good the home-style Mexican food is in places like OKC!

                    2. Just to validate what Tracey said. I tried Taco Del Mar at 2 different locations the past week, and both times were terrible. Lousy filling, lousy ingredients, bad assembly, and the salsa - i wont get into how bad that was. Their pico was very very poor.

                      JJD - PLEASE hurry and open up your taqueria. I promise i will be there 3 times a week, and will be able to bring at least 20-30 new customers for you!!

                      1. Jeez- I tried it in Portland and tho it was not as good as Azteca Taqueria, it was better than anything I'd ever had in Canada. I'll still try it myself.

                        1. Right now, i'd settle for Baja Fresh or Chipotle or Freebirds. Couldnt care less about authentic, just something of decent quality.

                          The meat was really really scary John.

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                          1. re: yen

                            I second the wish for Chipotle or Freebirds. Great lunch, cheap....I went to both all the time in Austin. There is a definate need of Mexican food in Calgary

                              1. re: John Manzo

                                "Chicken". Though they had crumbled beef, stringy beef as well. It had this really odd metallic flavour that i was only able to drown out with tabasco. Even the salsa ("habanero" sauce - mild, medium, or hot they say. Medium tastes like pico de gallo) didnt drown the taste out.

                            1. website says they have PORK. This is essential and missing in our Taco Time version of manque Mexican crap we eat in this country.

                              Then again Taco Time in the US has fish tacos. So maybe "our" version of Taco Del Mar is another bait and switch imposed on a public that doesn't know any better?

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                              1. re: John Manzo

                                You're right, there was pork. Carnitas? Al pastor? Chicharron? Nooo... that might actually taste good.

                                Ground pork tossed in a pan and allowed to boil in it's own juices, turning into popcorn puffs of flavourless pork bites. Now i'll admit, this is what it looked like, and it could very well be tasty, but there's no way im going to be the one trying it out.

                                Now im a bitter old man. Damn you Taco Del Mar!!!

                                1. re: yen

                                  I am going to kill myself now.

                                  GROUND PORK?!?!?!

                                  Maybe intead of killing myself I should get some corn tortillas from boca loca, just saute some damn chicken in something spicy, and put some minced onions and cilantro on two grilled tortillas with the chicken- because therewith I will have created a taco better than any taco in this f***ing country.

                                  I love being Canadian, I chose this country, but dammit, I miss competent Mexican.

                                  1. re: John Manzo

                                    All true John, but the restaurants aren't all to blame though. It's the market as well. I once spent days working on carnitas, lengua, al pastor, camaron fillings, got some tortillas from boca loca, made a pico de gallo and a salsa verde from scratch (salsa verde takes forever!), cilantro, radish, and fresh lime, and had a taco party. The end result? Most people would prefer Taco Time.

                                    I've never cooked with lard again (cleaning is a total pain), and i will *never* have a taco party again. Ever. That's Canadian-bred tastes for you. I won't even begin to get into what they thought of the lengua :)

                                    1. re: yen

                                      yen, that's true;lot's of Canadians are subjected to suburban crap so they don't know what real food tastes like. quality restaurants like Divino and Teatro with $40 entrees are looked upon with disguist and seen as a 'snobby' and 'pretentious' establishment, while earls is seen as such a great place to eat. man, people in this country don't think.

                                      another factor here is that there just aren't many Mexicans here. the reason why taco stands exist in the usa is because there are lots of mexicans going to consume the food there, and then you have the locals who appreciate food going there. wonder why there are so many more chinese restaurants here per person than in a city like Toronto?

                                    2. re: John Manzo

                                      John finally gets it right. Man I love going to the USA simply because you can't go wrong with the Tacos there. The Taqueria's are right in the Mexican District (hell, they HAVE ethnic districts other than "china town" or "edgemont"), no one speaks english, and for $5 you can get a taco plate with a corona.

                                      we should make a taco lovers group in calgary. we are EXTREMELY deprived here. but at least we have cheap healthcare....

                                      1. re: phobal

                                        Im all for a taco withdrawl group. Or even a Mexican withdrawl group.

                                        I've actually found that burrito's freeze quite well (well, al pastor, carne asada, and carnitas do anyway). My brother used to bring them up for me as a birthday gift from my favorite establishment in Pasadena (Puebla Taco's). However, once the whole "mad cow" and "9-11' thing happened, they are nigh near impossible to bring now. They got confiscated last time. :( Maybe every trip we should attempt to bring back burrito's for the group :) Hopefully 1 out of 3 will make it across!

                                        1. re: yen

                                          yeah! i had those carne asada's from boca loca... num num! boca loca is a good place, they should totally capitalize on their reputation and offer food to order. i just hope they don't turn into every other establishment in this god forsaken city and move to the suburbs JUST because the rent is cheaper :(.

                                2. I stepped into the Edmonton store for a second and thought it was a division of Subway. Not a huge fan of this format, or stuff like local chain Badass Jack's. Prefer Opa! off Whyte, wonderful family service, fine flavours.

                                  1. Sounds like a place to pass over, too bad. I always complain about the lack of good Mexican food in Calgary, plus the fact that a lot of grocery items at Boca Loca are fairly overpriced. Tecate Grill is passable if we get the cravings for Mexican; but the only way to get good Mexican food here is to make it at home, after filling a suitcase with Mexican groceries/products somewhere in the US.

                                    I did have a Mexican dinner party recently, slaved over Pork Tatemado, homemade tortillas and green corn tamales -- people really enjoyed it so there's hope yet for bland Calgarian suburban palates.

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                                    1. re: sweeterpea

                                      Tecate WAS passable. It closed a long, long time ago.

                                      Luckily, Calgarian inner-city palates aren't bland.

                                    2. The one at 130th has been open for a few months. I was so excited, as we are huge chipotle junkies but dissapointed with the overall flavor, or lack of it. Not hot enough, not spicey enough etc etc. Oh Well.....maybe something will open. We live in a community thats still being developed and I keep hoping that one day a little mexican lady will get out of one of those "gut trucks" and will serve the most delcious food ever, just like in Houston!