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Sep 5, 2006 07:50 PM

Easy recipe for turbot

I am having my in-laws over for dinner. I am making chicken for them and for my husband but I do not eat chicken. I purchased a turbot filet and I'd like a suggestion for an easy preparation since I am already cooking 2 dishes.


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  1. I recommend steaming turbot to maintain the consistency of its flesh and its moistness (it can dissolve into mush if it's overheated). Steaming not only protects against direct heat, it's easy!

    I'd just google "steamed turbot," and there'll be tons of great, simple recipes for you to choose from (since I don't know your tastes).

    BTW, another excellent method of cooking turbot is gentle poaching. And I've been told by folks on this board that roasting the fish whole works well, too (although you already have yours filleted).

    1. Ahead a time, make a compound butter: mash a small amount of soften butter with lemon juice, zest, an herb of your choice (tarragon, basil and even parsley will do), salt and pepper. Can add a few capers.
      Preheat a lightly oiled skillet in the oven at about 400 degree or whatever temp if you have the chicken in the oven. When ready to cook, salt and pepper the fish, drizzle a little mild olive oil or small pat of butter on top of the fish. Lay fish on the hot skillet and return to the oven. Depend on the thicken of the fish and oven temp, start checking after about 6 minutes. You can turn over the fish after 5 minutes if you want but it is not necessary. Plate the fish and serve some compound butter on top.
      Depending on your timing and what is being served, you can put the fish in the oven, then get the rest of the meal on the table. Your fish will be done by that time.